Celine Dion has performed on stage several hours later, after the death of his mother

After a long illness died on the 92-year-old thérèse Dion, mother of singer Celine Dion.

Селин Дион выступила на сцене спустя несколько часов после смерти матери

93 year of life in Canada died thérèse Dion, mother of the legendary singer Celine Dion. The artist this time was in Miami, where I was supposed to be her concert.

Dion like a true professional, did not cancel the show. From the stage, Celine paid tribute to his mother and assured fans that she’s fine: “I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the news that my mother died early this morning. But I’m fine. All of us — her family — right.”

Teresa, according to foreign sources, knew that her end was near. Just a few days before the death of the woman called her doctor to warn you — it’s time to prepare for the worst.

So Celine had to say goodbye to my mother before she flew to her in Canada with my family. Condolences to the singer has already brought the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“I know what she wanted tonight I was the best version of myself. And I know she wanted all of you had the best time in my life,” said Dion on stage. Touched fans supported the star with thunderous applause.

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