Centropol will discount gas for customers for an indefinite period below the price ceiling

Centropol will discount gas for customers for an indefinite period below the price ceiling

Centropol will make gas cheaper for customers for an indefinite period under the price ceiling

Natural gas, gas stove, energy, consumption – illustrative photo.

Prague – Starting next week, the company Centropol will lower the price of natural gas below the government ceiling. The sub-ceiling prices, which will be 311 crowns per megawatt-hour (MWh) lower than the price ceiling, will be available to new and existing customers with contracts for an indefinite period. The company informed ČTK about it today. The company with more than 290,000 customers has reduced gas and electricity prices below the ceiling before, but then with mandatory fixing. In response to falling energy prices on the market, other suppliers also began to reduce prices below the government maximum.

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Since the beginning of the year, most energy suppliers have offered tariffs to new customers with prices based on the government's price ceiling. For this year, this amounts to 5,000 crowns for one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity without VAT and 2,500 crowns for one MWh of gas. Distribution fees need to be added to this. The so-called ceilings apply to households, companies and public institutions.

Centropol's new average prices for an indefinite period are, according to the company, up to 12.5 percent below the price ceiling.

“Effective from March 7 and 10, we are reducing the prices of products for the supply of natural gas for an indefinite period. We are reducing the price of gas supply for the No obligation product to CZK 2,189 per MWh without VAT. Due to historical purchases, the price lists of older products will reach a slightly higher level , namely at 2,289 CZK/MWh without VAT,” said Jiří Matoušek, marketing director and member of the board of directors of Centropol.

Other suppliers have already started offering energy prices below the limits set by the government in recent weeks. For example, E.ON reduced its clients' electricity against the ceiling by six percent and gas by eight percent without a long-term commitment. Innogy also reduced gas prices for some clients without fixing, by around 240 CZK per MWh. MND also announced price reductions to existing customers. ČEZ also introduced the new tariff. Energy prices will gradually decrease, but the condition is a long-term contract. From May, Pražská plynárenská will also reduce its selling prices of natural gas and electricity under the limit set by the government.

In recent weeks, the wholesale price of electricity has fallen to 150 euros (about 3525 CZK) per MWh without VAT. For gas, it dropped to 60 euros (roughly 1,410 CZK) per MWh. Last summer, the prices of both commodities were significantly above the limit set by the government.