ČEZ will start clarifying negotiations with the applicants for the new unit in Dukovany ahead of time

ČEZ will start clarifying negotiations with the applicants for the new unit in Dukovany ahead of time

ČEZ ​​will start clarifying negotiations with applicants for the new block in advance in Dukovany

Illustration photo – Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, November 30, 2022 Dukovany, Třebíčsko. In the foreground of the field where the Dukovany II Nuclear Power Plant will stand.

Prague – Energetická společnost ČEZ will start negotiations with applicants for the construction of a new nuclear unit in Dukovany early this week. By May, he wants to clarify some parameters of offers from interested parties. According to the original plans, the clarification negotiations should have started in April at the earliest, but the company accelerated the reading of the initial offers it received last year. Tomáš Pleskač, a member of the ČEZ board of directors, announced this on Twitter today. Interested parties should submit their final offers in mid-September this year. The new block should be completed by 2036.

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The French company EDF, the South Korean company KHNP and the North American Westinghouse submitted initial bids for the construction of the new unit last fall. ČEZ, which is in charge of the project, did not publish the details of these bids.

“We want to give all three bidders more time to process high-quality final bids. Therefore, our expert team accelerated the reading of the initial bids we received at the end of November last year of the year. We expect the clarification phase to end by the beginning of May, and we expect final offers in mid-September,” said Pleskač.

According to ČEZ, meetings at the highest level of representatives of ČEZ and involved companies should gradually take place this week. Subsequently, from February 28, a series of discussions will begin after a week with each applicant.

The project should be the largest investment of the Czech Republic in modern history, according to representatives of the government and ČEZ, the new reactor should cost about 160 billion CZK in prices of the year 2020. The exact price will be known only after the end of the competition.

The Czech Republic currently has six nuclear units in two power plants. Two units, each with a capacity of approximately 1,000 megawatts (MW), are located in Temelín in South Bohemia. Four smaller blocks with an output of 510 MW are located in Dukovany in the Třebíč region.