CFP Val-d’Or wants to boost its sales advisory program

CFP Val-d’Or wants to boost its sales advisory program

The CFP Val-d’Or wants to boost its advisory sales program

Artisans and partners of the Val-d'Or Vocational Training Center's sales-advisory program.

The Val-d'Vocational Training Center Gold is transforming its sales-consulting and representation programs to make them more popular.

Only eight students took these two courses in Val-d'Or this year. Starting next fall, they will be offered in individualized instruction. Students will be able to progress at their own pace and begin their training on five different dates during the school year.

This type of individualized instruction is already offered in five other CFP Val- d'Or, which helped boost enrollment.

“It allows us to adapt to the job market and have graduates every month to meet the labor needs of businesses. »

— Marie-Michelle Fortier, Deputy Director of CFP Val-d'Or

We certainly hope to increase registrations. It is a formula appreciated by young people, which allows them to go at their own pace. If they are well organized, they can even complete the training faster than the ministry's deadlines, adds Ms. Fortier.

The new formula does not provide for lectures, but for a teacher remains present to support students and answer their questions.

It will make my work a little more complex, because the students are not all in the same place at the same time, recognizes teacher Geneviève Bélisle.

The most important thing will be to make everything dynamic. We especially hope that it will create a craze, as has been the case for the other programs in individualized teaching, she continues. It is not easy for a young person who has his prerequisites in September to know that he must wait until next August to start his training.

The new formula also provides that the students will be able to do three days of training per week at the CFP Val-d'Or for theory, then two days of internship in a company.

They will be able to immediately put into practice on the market the skills learned in the classroom. It also makes it possible to do internships throughout the region and to meet the needs in each sector, underlines Marie-Michelle Fortier.