Chabelo and the tragic end of his partner in Ambrosio's Carbine

Chabelo and the tragic end of his partner in Ambrosio's Carbine

One ​​of the most famous comedy shows in the history of Mexican television also has its dark moments

Chabelo and the tragic end of his partner in the Carabina de Ambrosio

Xavier López playing Chabelo next door of Judith Velasco, who was the mother of the child character (Capture: YouTube Sanchez Vargas)

With the death of Xavier López, “Chabelo”, at the age of 88, his followers recall his best moments on Mexican television, and although his family show on Sunday mornings dominates the imagination, the comedian's career also spanned to an adult audience, and within La Carabina de Ambrosió he explored this facet.

In 1978 a program called La Carabina de Ambrosio premiered. For the public, this production by Humberto Navarro was presented as a “comic-magical-musical show” and featured stellar performances by great artists of the moment.

< p class="paragraph">During its first stage, the highlights were César Costa, Xavier López “Chabelo” and Roberto Ramírez Garza (or Beto “El Boticario”).Among various sketches solo, as a couple or with the entire cast, this show quickly positioned itself as one of the favorites among viewers.

One ​​of the One of my favorite segments was Mercado de Lágrimas, a “drama” in which a family went through common situations with which they over-dramatized, such as a parody of the genre.

This segment featured Xavier López as the youngest son, Alejandro Suárez as the father and Judith Velasco as the devoted mother.

Chabelo and the trá The magical end of his partner in Ambrosio's Carbine

Xavier López not only made us laugh with the help of Chabelo, but also with other original characters (Photo: Twitter screenshot/@Tlahtoani_1521)

Judith Velasco drew a lot of attention among the cast for being uA quite attractive woman who in fact formed an excellent dumbbell with Chabelo. He had previously shown his talent for comedy in other Humberto Navarro shows such as El Show de Bartolo, where he shared credits with Enrique Guzmán.< /b>

Velasco participated in La Carabina de Ambrosio until 1981, from there it is said that his career began to have a slope. She had a few participations in some soap operas such as When the children leave in 1981; he also tried to do his best to have performances in some movies like Al cabo que ni quiera and Municipio de la muerte.

However, all these participations would be as extra characters or with brief appearances. According to people who previously worked with her, they began to notice how her lack of work began to take its toll on her: They saw her haggard, tired, looking a bit sick and quite down.

Chabelo and the tragic end of his partner in La Carabina de Ambrosio

Judith was the devoted mother in the Mercado de Lágrimas segment in La Carabina de Ambrosio (Capture: YouTube TehRealSameK)

In The Story Behind the Myth, Xavier López recalled Judith and the place she had in his life.She came from Cuba in the same theater company as Teresa Miranda, whom the child comedian would marry years later and they would form a family.

Xavier mentioned that Judith he spent the weekends in the house he shared with Teresa, since he had an excellent friendship with her. This had an impact on Xavier, who also developed esteem for the vedette.

It is not known how much Xavier and Judith hung out after Judith left La Carbina de Ambrosio. Even so, the comedian and presenter mentioned a brief anecdote in which he came across a desperate and jobless Judith.

Chabelo and the tragic end of his partner in the Ambrosio Carbine

Judith Velasco was born on March 11, 1939 (Photo: Facebook/Las Grandes Vedettes de México)

Xavier, who tried to find a way to help her, suggested that she enter as one of the characters on his show. There was a time when Eugenio Derbez was part of En Familia, the program for which López was most popular; there, Eugenio gave voice to a robot doll.

Chabelo's idea was that, since Derbez had left the program, now the robot it would be a girl, the same one Judith could give a voice to. However, despite Xavier's good intentions, it was already too late:“But that's when I realized that Judith wasn't very well… and it wasn't long before she felt worse… and what happened happened.”

On February 16, 1994, Judith Velasco left her apartment. She arrived at the División del Norte subway station, reached the carriage area , she waited and, when she noticed that the train was approaching, she jumped onto the subway tracks. They couldn't stop in time and he died instantly.

Chabelo and the trá gico final de su compañera en la Carabina de Ambrosio

Judith Velasco is said to have suffered from severe depression that led her to suicide (Photo: Screenshot YouTube-CICatinga)

It is said that when her body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service, only her colleagues could recognize her thanks to the credential of the National Association of Actors (ANDA) that she carried with her.