Challenge to Huerta and Toledo will be addressed in an extraordinary period

Challenge to Huerta and Toledo will be addressed in an extraordinary period

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Challenge to Huerta and Toledo will be addressed in an extraordinary period

The Permanent Commission approved that the Chamber of Deputies hold a second extraordinary period of sessions this Wednesday to discuss, and where appropriate approve, the Lawlessness of the deputies Benjamín Huerta Corona, accused of sexual abuse and rape to the detriment of a minor, and of Mauricio Toledo, accused of illicit enrichment.

In particular, the plenary session of the Permanent Council with 21 votes in favor, 13 against and one abstention, It was excluded from this special period of sessions to remove the procedural immunity to Uriel Carmona, attorney general of the state of Morelos, who has an amparo and according to some legislators, in case of proceeding, would fall into contempt.

They criticize decision legislators for refusing to include Toledo; PT defends him

The foregoing was criticized by some deputies such as the Morenista Rubén Cayetano, who said that “for Morena justice is not selective, we are consistent and we do not hesitate, we have principles, it was very clear who is who in justice matters, the right has been exhibited once, corrupt ball.”

However, the president of the Permanent Commission, Eduardo Ramírez, made it clear that The request to divide the issues was proposed by Morena in the Chamber of Deputies.

The Labor party, in the voice of deputy Manuel Huerta Martínez, announced his vote against and came to the defense of Mauricio Toledo.

“And we do not endorse a spurious process, plagued by irregularities that seeks to consummate political revenge and a factious use of the law (…). “In addition to the violations of due process, there is a political revenge of which we will not be part (…) We do not endorse a procedure where the search for justice is nothing more than a mere simulation (…) We will not support illegality, in a democratic state the rule of law must prevail ”, he said.

César Cravioto, senator from Morena, asked to endorse this extraordinary period, arguing that “it would be shameful for us if this legislature were to end and that said deputies and the prosecutor were not bothered not even with the petal of a rose (…) Corruption and impunity have been two scourges of national politics that have lacerated this country ”.

Cravioto added that “it cannot be that after three months someone who is accused of raping a minor maintains the jurisdiction. And another is accused of illicit enrichment, thanks to the public positions he has held, more than 60 million pesos in assets and accounts, as well as possible prestanombres that are still being investigated and the case of the Morelos prosecutor, who instead of helping justice is dispensed in their state, it hinders, precisely, the administration of justice ”.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Dulce María Sauri, spoke out against including the violation of the Morelos prosecutor, as the initiative issued by the Federal Law on Political Trial and Declaration of Provenance and explained her reasons.

“To point out that the matter of the Morelos prosecutor is extremely delicate, because it is a possible violation of a constitutional protection with all that this entails. To tell you that the least I can point out is my surprise at dealing with another matter, such a complex matter, such as a federal measure on impeachment and plea. It is a surprise to put it mildly, I feel as if the legislative hat has suddenly emerged a rabbit that deals with these complex and delicate issues for us due to its involvement in matters of political balances that are essential to preserve ”, he stated.

The PAN deputy, Alejandra García Morlan advanced her vote against, pointed out that “to friends, justice and grace; to the enemies, the law to dry ”.

The PRD senator, Juan Manuel Fócil, also expressed his vote against, considering that the case of the prosecutor of Morena should be discussed separately.

The proposal not to include in this extraordinary the initiative that issues the new Federal Law on Political Trial and Declaration of Provenance.

The special period of sessions for both houses of Congress will be held this Wednesday, August 11, at 11:00 am.