Champion Adamczyková wants to succeed in the last WC races in Canada

Champion Adamczyková wants to succeed in the last WC races in Canada

Šchampion Adamczykovaá wants to succeed even at the last WC races in Canada

Snowboarder Eva Adamczyková with a medal from the World Championship. March 17, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Snowboardcrosser Eva Adamczyková wants to succeed in the last two races of the World Cup in Canada. He will not be under pressure with them, because after the world title in Bakuriani, Georgia and second place in Veysonnaz on Thursday, he is already evaluating the season positively. She told ČTK during a short stop in the Czech Republic, from where she will head overseas on Monday.

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Šchampion Adamczykovaá wants to succeed in the last WC races in Canada< /p>

Šchampion Adamczykovaá wants to succeed even in the last SP races in Canada

Šchampion Adamczyková wants to succeed even in the last&iacute of SP plants in Canada

The Olympic winner from Sochi did not have high expectations before the start of the season, as she was coming back from fractures in both legs at the ankles in December 2021. She gradually worked her way back to the absolute top of the world, where she belongs for a long time. “I take it that way, I'm done. Even with the second place at the world championships, you completed it. We'll see what happens in Canada. I'll try to get the best result there as well. It would be great if I managed to finish on the podium at least once.” said the twenty-nine-year-old Czech representative.

Some pains bother her, but nothing that would prevent her from riding at full speed. “I have to point out that with those ankles I was really riding at one hundred percent now and I didn't have to deal with it at all. I don't think even the coach is dealing with it anymore, that he would advise me to do something different because of those legs. The approach is already the same as before the injury, ” she praised herself.

Although she has returned home for a few days, there is no time to celebrate. “Now we have this weekend and we're flying early on Monday morning. I won't be able to do anything. Maybe I'll have time to see my sister in the Krkonoše Mountains, but you want to rest so you don't get sick or something like that,” Adamczyková explained. After returning, however, he perceives the impact of his Georgian success. “You meet fans, and while it's still fresh, people congratulate you on the street,” she said.

Now she is on a journey into the unknown. While the Swiss Veysonnaz, where she finished on the podium for the first time in the World Cup after an injury on Thursday, is one of the traditional venues of the WC, in the Canadian resort of Mt. St. Anne has not yet competed at this level. “In this part, which is the east coast not far from Quebec, we were at the World Championship (2013) in Stoneham, in a different area. I'm looking forward to it. The Canadian said there should be a big track, nice,” said Adamczyková.

Canadian snowboard crosser Eliot Grondin is one of the local stars, so Adamczyková believes in great interest from fans. A question mark hangs over the weather that can be expected at the end of next week. “We had fun with the Canadians and it can be minus twenty to plus three. It's hard to estimate, especially in March like this,” the two-time world champion noted.

She can still attack third place in the overall World Cup standings, currently held by Australia's Josie Baff. Adamczyková is 41 points behind her from fourth place. “Josie is also riding great this season. It's not only about me, it's also about how the other girls ride. We'll see. I'll try, but it won't be a tragedy if it doesn't work out,” said Adamczyk, who has three crystals in her collection globes for the overall triumph in the World Cup.

She is close to the twenty-year-old Australian Baffa, who ranked among her great rivals. “She's cheerful, she's always smiling. We have a lot of fun, we're friends. You can see that she enjoys the sport. It's great that there are other girls who are improving and that there are more of us,” praised Adamczyková. She likes the rivalry, which showed for example in the tight final in Veysonnaz. “I know that the other girls ride great and it's not free. It's even nicer that the fights are getting closer and closer, and in that we're getting a little closer to the boys. That it's not as relaxing as it used to be,” added the Czech star.