Charity CR has collected 165 million CZK for Ukraine and is building housing for refugees

Charity CR has collected 165 million CZK for Ukraine and is building housing for refugees

Charity of the Czech Republic collected 165 million CZK for Ukraine and builds housing for refugee women

Press conference of the Charity of the Czech Republic on the annual balance of humanitarian aid in Ukraine, February 21, 2023, Prague. From the left, Jiří Škvor from the department of humanitarian aid and development cooperation of Charity ČR and director of Charity ČR Lukáš Curylo.

Prague – Charita CR and its individual components have sent roughly 165 million crowns from a public collection to help Ukraine, which has been in a war caused by Russia for a year. The charity sent 11 trucks with material humanitarian aid, medical equipment worth around CZK 3.5 million to Ukraine and now provides accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. This was told to journalists by representatives of Charity CR.

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“The very next day, after the war in Ukraine broke out a year ago, we met with our colleagues and thought about what our immediate reaction could be. We joined forces with our foreign branches and partner charities in Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland,” said Jiří Škvor, head of the Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation Department of the Czech Republic Charity. “Shortly after that, we announced a humanitarian fundraiser and released money from our crisis fund and started helping right away,” he added.

Approximately 3,660 people from Ukraine received financial assistance from Charity CR to ensure basic needs, and approximately 2,000 people were provided with psychological help by the charity as part of therapy sessions. In addition, the charity built 33 modular houses in Transcarpathia, which can provide decent housing for about 120 people, and renovated five accommodation centers for about 3,200 people from Ukraine. common accommodation facilities and we build modular houses that provide families with privacy and a quality of life that is sufficient for them to work there for months or even years,” said Škvor.

Charity CR also helps Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, where for example, it distributed 3,000 first-aid kits or equipped 12 accommodation centers.

The Czech charity network has been active in Ukraine for a long time. The aid initially focused mainly on social services, healthcare and education, but also on supporting people affected by the conflict in the eastern part of the country. Help for refugees in the Czech Republic is mainly offered by local charities that help provide accommodation, food, hygiene needs and other necessities.