Charlie Hunnam explained why not marry the girl with whom he has been together for 14 years

In an interview with Andy Cohen the actor admitted that he does not understand romance marriage.

Чарли Ханнэм объяснил, почему не женится на девушке, с которой он вместе уже 14 лет

Along with Charlie’s guests also was Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey. Andy asked Hannema whether he is in a relationship. The actor said that for almost 14 years Dating Morgana of Magnelis.

Yes, I was with my girlfriend for 14 and a half years. Or thirteen and a half… I don’t remember

— Charlie said.

And what do you think about marriage?

— asked the host.

Hmmm… somehow indifferent. Although she feels quite the opposite. She really wants to get married. I will do this because it’s important to her, but I have no romantic feelings about marriage,

— said Charlie.

At this point the conversation broke Hugh Grant — known former bachelor and hater of marriage, which not long ago changed his mind and married.

I’ll help you with that

with a smile turn from to Hannema.

Recall that 59-year-old Hugh married his girlfriend Anne Eberstein in 2018. In an interview, Hugh said he wished that so long regarded marriage negatively.

I thought wrong about it, I was wrong. And when it comes to children, I just roll my eyes. People always said: “Hugh! You just don’t understand!” Yes, they were right, I didn’t understand. It turns out that being married is nice

— confessed the actor.

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