Chicanas and bill passes in a tense interview between Viviana Canosa and Victoria Tolosa Paz

Chicanas and bill passes in a tense interview between Viviana Canosa and Victoria Tolosa Paz

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Chicanas and bill passes in a tense interview between Viviana Canosa and Victoria Tolosa Paz

Victoria Tolosa Paz visited Viviana Canosa on Tuesday in the program that the host has on the A24 signal. Already in the previous one there was tension and even Canosa announced that it would be a “fight in the mud.” After sparks were drawn. “People ask me if you have a problem with me,” the candidate for deputy of the Frente de Todos asked her, amid the chicanes, bill passes and accusations.

The meeting was part of the campaign raid five days from PASO. Already at the start of the program, even before the candidate arrived at the studio, Canosa warned that he was not going to admit interruptions. “I am not like Majul”, he remarked.

The driver herself explained that the cause of the discomfort It was a photograph that a few days ago he showed Diego Santilli live, in which Tolosa Paz is seen pasting posters with the inscription “Enough of the low blinds” in front of a closed shop.

The former national official was angry because, she said, Canosa showed that image as if it were current, after the economic impact of the quarantine decreed by Alberto Fernández. The animator, meanwhile, clarified that the photo itself warned that it had been taken in 2019.

Victoria Tolosa Paz, in a campaign appearance. Photo Lucia Merle

“What you did is not lick in the pain of others? There is an adjective that generates anguish and more pain over pain, “Tolosa Paz questioned her, when they were already face to face.

And loaded against production of the program: “You have to work the issues seriously. You were asserting a fact that was not at the time you said.”

“Do you know how many people write me asking if you have a personal problem with me?, Tolosa Paz reproached Canosa.

The journalist assured her that she was wrong and that she avoided going to her program: “Do you know what the producers tell me? Every time you are invited, you say you have something else to do, we invited you before you were a candidate and now. You say that you have a lot of things at this time “.

Chicanas and bill passes in a tense interview between Viviana Canosa and Victoria Tolosa Paz

The image of the discord between Victoria Tolosa Paz and Viviana Canosa.

Second round: Albistur and Cristina

After a while the second round arrived, when the television host asked him why he is presented in the first place of the list to national deputies for the province of Buenos Aires, ahead of Daniel Gollán.

“I think Alberto Fernández proposed me and Cristina also chose me,” said Tolosa Paz.

“Good too they loaned you the apartment … “, He spicy, Canosa, on the Puerto Madero house that Alberto Fernández uses and that belongs to the businessman Enrique “Pepe” Albistur, couple from Tolosa Paz and former media secretary of the Kirchners.

Chicanas and bill passes in a tense interview between Viviana Canosa and Victoria Tolosa Paz

Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yáñez with Tolosa Paz and Enrique “Pepe” Albistur, the day Argentina won the Copa América

There the discussion flared up again. “If someone believes that I am here because I am Pepe Albistur’s wife, they have every right to think about it,” replied Tolosa Paz, visibly upset. “I made a joke!”, Defended her interlocutor.

Seconds later, the candidate for deputy recriminated that Canosa had spoken of her as “the Cristina’s first cousin “, with supposed double intentions.

“You don’t say it as a compliment, you say it with a burden. You say that I am ‘the first cousin,’” said Tolosa Paz, imitating the intonation and with an ironic smile drawn on her face. And he left a striking advice to Canosa: “You feel tense, people think you have a grudge. The day you relax with me, you will have a peak rating “.

“I have no burden with you or Cristina. I voted for her. You have a lot of Cristina, I do not say it as something negative,” Canosa replied, visibly uncomfortable, before qualify as “picasesos” to the friends who sent their comments to Tolosa Paz.

“Garche”, hunger and Tinelli

In addition to underlining that in the 2021 elections “two country models will face each other,” the candidate revised her controversial phrase about the link between Peronism and sex and highlighted the work of the Hunger Table that she herself led.

“I spoke from the place of enjoyment and enjoyment. I can speak of economy and poise you. But I went with two young boys, who make humor from Peronism, “he explained about the interview with Pedro Rosemblat and Rechimuzzi in which he affirmed that” in Peronism he always got caught. “

“I didn’t talk about my sexuality or my experience. They said ‘The kids want …’. it seemed strong to me “, added Tolosa Paz, who denied having politically speculated with his words in search of the young vote.

At another time they asked him about his assessment of the Hunger Table. “It was not a failure at all,” he said. And he took the opportunity to praise Marcelo Tinelli, another of the members of that commission that Alberto Fernández put together.

“Made a great contribution in the north of Salta. Tinelli is not going to say it, (because) he published it and then there was a stir. He made an important contribution, in localities there is water for him. We arrived faster than with international assistance programs on access to water, “said Tolosa Paz.

By this time, almost an hour of conversation had passed And the tension seemed to have lessened.

L “Did you feel comfortable?”, Asked Canosa, before dismissing her. “Totally, my friends are going to say that you are no longer tense,” replied the candidate. The closing was left to the host: “You were fantastic. Your friends, from now on, will understand that there is nothing personal.”