Children are supernovae coronaviruses: a virologist’s explanation

Дети – это суперносители коронавируса: объяснение вирусолога

Children can carry the coronavirus without symptoms, and therefore able to infect many.

This was announced by the virologist and doctor of Sciences Alla Myronenko, says

Due to the fact that children are asymptomatic carriers of the virus, it is important to limit contact of children with older people.

Alla Mironenko – virologist

“For this virus, according to Chinese colleagues, such supernovas children. They can be infected, but do not have clinical manifestations of the disease. This is why it’s critical today to reduce contact of children with the grandparents”.

Relative to adults, usually they have the infection is almost always manifested by various symptoms.

How to detect the coronavirus?
First, a person starts a fever, which is accompanied by dry cough. In 14% of cases, the infection can lead to pneumonia and breathing problems, and in 5% to severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and other critical conditions.

Дети – это суперносители коронавируса: объяснение вирусолога

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