China recognized that the number of patients in fact, more: plus 15 thousand patients per day

Китай признал, что количество больных на деле больше: плюс 15 тысяч больных за сутки

Government of Hubei province has reported 14 840 new cases of infection with coronavirus and 242 deaths due to complications of the disease. These data increased the total number of confirmed patients once a quarter per night – from 45 thousand to 60.4 thousand.

The health Committee of Hubei province of new statistics on the coronavirus. Thus, only during the day, the number of patients with coronavirus grew by 14 840 people died from complications of the disease 242 people of the province. This number of deaths per day was a record for the entire history of the epidemic.

The total number of patients with the virus worldwide reaching 60 406 of man, and died from it – 1 370. Of these, 48.2 per thousand patients from Hubei province. Outside of China discovered 441 sick, and the epidemic covered 24 countries.

14 840 new infections in the last day 13 332 human coronavirus has been clinically diagnosed, but not yet confirmed by lab results. This means a radical change to the treatment of patients.

Patients were diagnosed on the basis of the fact that they have symptoms that correspond to the coronavirus, or the results of the rapid test, which provides for the presence of virus, but without corroborating laboratory results. Previously considered only diagnoses established by PCR analysis,which allows to identify the presence of virus by the presence in the sample of its RNA. Under the old methodology in Hubei province was found only 1 508 new cases per day.

Китай признал, что количество больных на деле больше: плюс 15 тысяч больных за сутки

The number of patients only in Hubei has increased by 15 thousand / Photo:

The province explained that he used the technique of registration of patients into line with that which applied to reports from other parts of the country. However, this contradicts the statement of the National Commission for the protection of health, which shows that the new method of diagnostics will be used only in Hubei province, because here there was a difficult situation with the spread of COVID-19.

From all this it is not clear how to define a new 15 thousand cases of infection. It is known that the physicians reviewed the earlier the diagnosis, but it is not clear over what period of time the last week or since the beginning of the epidemic.

Perhaps the reason for the change in accounting treatment of the patients is that there is a growing distrust of official Chinese statistics on the incidence of coronavirus from the international experts.

After all models of the spread of the virus built in different countries – from Hong Kong to London, give other data on number of patients than the official reports of the Chinese physicians. In particular, doctors from Imperial College London believe that the real number of infections only in Wuhan, the epicenter of the disease is 19 times higher than the figure that appears in the official reports.

What is known about the Chinese Covid coronavirus-19

  • As of February 13, the Chinese coronavirus died 1 369 60 of 347 infected.
  • From the disease die in about 9% of those infected.
  • The world health organization declared a global emergency health.
  • In Ukraine, not a single case of suspected coronavirus has not been confirmed, but two Ukrainians have contracted the coronavirus on a cruise ship “Diamond Princess”.
  • In China have suspended group tours.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises to refrain from trips to the country, where raging epidemic.
  • February 11, citizens of Ukraine had to evacuate from Wuhan, but the evacuation did not take place.

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