China’s Henan flood toll rises to 33

China’s Henan flood toll rises to 33

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China’s Henan flood toll rises to 33

At least 33 people have died, eight more are reported missing in China’s Henan province due to flooding, reports July 22. Global Times with reference to local authorities.

Earlier it was reported about 25 dead and the search for seven missing people.

TV channel CGTN clarifies that more than three million people are in the disaster zone.

The area of ​​agricultural territories affected by bad weather was 215 thousand hectares. Damage from the disaster is estimated at 1.22 billion yuan ($ 188.4 million).

Heavy rains have been falling in most of Henan Province since July 17. A large amount of water accumulated in a parking lot above the fifth line of the Zhengzhou subway, as a result of which on July 20 the water entered the tunnel and flooded the tracks. At least 12 people were killed and five more injured.

On the same day, a dam was destroyed in the city reservoir as a result of flooding. According to emergency management provinces, the emergency response to meteorological disasters was increased to the first level.

In addition, Zhengzhou Airport suspended flights, and several areas of Henan were left without electricity and water supply.

On July 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram of condolences to Chinese President Xi Jinping in connection with the aftermath of floods in Henan province.