Chinese Communist Party celebrates 100 years at event with thousands of people

Chinese Communist Party celebrates 100 years at event with thousands of people

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Chinese Communist Party celebrates 100 years at event with thousands of people

In commemoration of 100 years of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), the President of China, Xi Jinping, gathered thousands of supporters in Beijing this Thursday morning (July 1st, 2021) — the night of Wednesday (June 30th) in Brasilia. The party was created in 1921 and took nearly 3 decades to come to power, in 1949, from which it never left.

In his speech, Jinping exalted the party and declared that he will not allow the intimidation of China by any foreign forces.

The event was held in front of Mao Zedong’s photo on Tiananmen Square, known as Tiananmen Square. It featured a military parade and musical performances. The celebration gathered around 70,000 people.

Ceremony to celebrate the centenary of the CCP Xinhua/Pang Xinglei

Wearing a Maoist robe, Jinping made a speech 1 hour long.

The Chinese president asserted that the people of China would never allow any foreign force to intimidate, oppress or subjugate them. “Anyone who dares to attempt this will have their heads crushed against the Great Wall of steel forged by more than 1.4 billion Chinese”, he said while the audience present applauded him.

The Chinese leader also stated that the party is allied with “progressives around the world” for global development and preservation of world order and peace. “We will work to build a new kind of international relations and promote high-quality development of the lanes and roads initiative, and provide the world with new opportunities”, he declared.

The people of China are not only good at destroying the old world, but also at creating a new world. (…) Only socialism can save China”, completed Jinping.

The Chinese president reinforced that the only way for the country to continue growing is to keep the CCP in power. At the moment, Jinping and the party are on the rise as China quickly recovers from the covid-19 pandemic and takes a more assertive stance on the global stage.

The event comes amid a crisis between China and the United States that involves disputes over Taiwan and US accusations that the covid-19 pandemic originated by accident in Wuhan’s laboratory.


The CCP was founded in 1921, inspired by the Bolsheviks who made the Russian revolution in 1917 and founded the Soviet Union in 1922.

Only in 1949, with a war between nationalists and communists, did the party found the People’s Republic of China and take control of the mainland of the country. Nationalists were restricted to the island of Taiwan.

With Mao Zedong in power, communist China went through a period of famine and heavy crackdown on dissidents. Mao’s image is worshiped by the Communist Party to this day, despite the death of dozens of people.

In the 1970s, China broke with the Soviet Union and approached the US. Soon, the country’s economy became one of the strongest in the world.

During the government of former US President Donald Trump, the two countries even waged a trade war, with sanctions imposed by both parties.

Under current US President Joe Biden, tension continues. Now, countries are fighting disputes in the waters of the China Sea and still disagree about the origin of the covid-19 pandemic.

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