Christian Domínguez praised Pamela Franco: “I won the lottery”

Christian Domínguez praised Pamela Franco: “I won the lottery”

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Christian Domínguez praised Pamela Franco: “I won the lottery”

Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco have become one of the couples of the moment in the national show business. The cumbiambero seems to have left behind the controversies regarding his love relationships and now lives a solid romance with the singer, who this past Wednesday had his birthday.

The former participant of The Artist of the Year celebrated her birthday number 33 with a live link with the program En boca de todos. The Dancer thanked the displays of affection on this special day and also received a series of compliments from her current partner.

Christian Domínguez intervened in the conversation with Maju Mantilla and Tula Rodríguez to affirm that he won the lottery with Pamela Franco. In the same way, he indicated that his partner has been standing out in his work as a mother.

“Outside of being an incredible woman, surely that can be said by every person in love, but she is a spectacular mother, so dedicated to all the sacrifices she makes, as she has grown up as a new mother and seems to be an experienced mother, that’s why I think I won the lottery, “he said.

Pamela thanks Christian for his second place in Artist of the Year

The cumbiambera was very close to the top prize in The Artist of the Year and she dedicated this second place to her current partner, Christian Domínguez, whom she pointed out as the person responsible for not letting her fall.

“You are a wonderful man, always giving me the support I need, not even when you are away do you let me go. I got to that second place for you 🥰 because you didn’t let me down, you’re all I need. My partner, my friend, my accomplice to do evil, thank you for all that. I love you Christian Domínguez Alvarado ”, he said.

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