Christian Domínguez would be preparing a face-to-face show: “Lack little”

Christian Domínguez would be preparing a face-to-face show: “Lack little”

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Christian Domínguez would be preparing a face-to-face show: “Lack little”

You don’t want to wait any longer! Since the performance of limited-capacity concerts was announced, some artists have already offered their first live performances, such as Corazón Serrano and others who already have their next events scheduled.

In this way, Christian Domínguez does not want to be left behind and wants to return to the stage as soon as possible. Therefore, through his social networks, the singer hinted that he would already be preparing his first face-to-face show, after several months.

The leader of the Great International Orchestra shared an Instagram story where he shows a photo of one of his concerts. About this image the cumbiambero wrote: “There is little left with the blessing of God.”

Post by Christian Domínguez Photo: Instagram

It is worth mentioning that Armonía 10 also announced that it will soon offer a show in Huacho and celebrated that the Corazón Serrano group has offered its first live concert.

“Today, the door of hope for the artistic sector has been opened. Today our musical brothers from Corazón Serrano are giving the first pilot concert authorized by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture in Huaralino, following all biosafety protocols. We trust that in the same way all artists will have the opportunity to return to work on stage and face-to-face concerts after more than a year and four months, ”the group began on its social networks.

“Thanks to all who have made this project possible and today hope returns to us. We feel happy and hopeful. Comrades, being responsible we can work! ”, He concluded.

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