Christian Dubé wants to work with the opposition on access to organ donation

Christian Dubé wants to work with the opposition on access to organ donation

 Christian Dubé wants to work with the opposition on access to organ donation

Jacques Boissinot The Canadian Press According to Christian Dubé, organ donation is also an issue important than medical assistance in dying.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé wants to work with opposition parties to increase access to organ donation.

“A bit like medical assistance in dying, it's a project that should be given priority,” said Mr. Dubé, before entering the Council of Ministers meeting. The Minister mentioned that he could look into the matter as early as next fall.

On Tuesday, Liberal MP André Fortin questioned the Minister on this subject during the study of budgetary appropriations for the 'National Assembly. The Official Opposition Health Critic reintroduced a 2019 bill on Wednesday to presume the consent of all Quebecers with regard to organ donation, except for those who have expressed their refusal during their lifetime.

An amendment to the Civil Code of Quebec in this regard would “make it possible for there to be fewer people waiting for organ donation, in Quebec, for it to be more accessible”, argued Mr. Fortin, in a press briefing. . It specifies that the presumption of consent would only apply to adults.

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At present, in Quebec, you must have given your prior authorization to be able to donate organs or tissues after your death.

As part of its Health Plan to make the network more efficient, Minister Dubé is committed to initiating a reflection to simplify the consent to organ donation. In addition to cooperating with the opposition parties, he would like to work on this subject with organizations such as Transplant Québec.

Joined by Le Devoir, the executive director of Transplant Québec, Martine Bouchard, says “favor all measures to improve organ and tissue donation, beyond the question of consent”. “In Quebec, optimizations are necessary in order to be able to save more lives and these improvements must be based in a new specific and complete legislative framework”, she specifies.

An “expanded debate”

In the National Assembly, PQ MP Joël Arseneau believes that it is necessary to hold a broader debate on the issue of organ donation with civil society organizations, but also with health professionals.


These discussions must take place “sooner than later”, underlines the spokesperson of the Parti Québécois on health. But it is especially important to do this correctly, given the fact that this is a delicate subject, he adds.

Mr. Arseneau welcomes the tabling of the Liberals' bill which constitutes a “call to action” for the government. “I think everyone wants us to be able to save more lives and to do so while respecting everyone's values,” he said.

For his part, the member for Quebec solidarity, Vincent Marissal, says he is in favor of the adoption of a bill to increase access to organ donation. “We offer our full cooperation to the other parties on this important issue,” he said.

With Marie-Michèle Sioui