Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche will present In time this summer

The Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche will present A time this summer

Aerial acrobatics will do again part of the show to be presented by Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche. (File photo)

The Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche of Saint-Germain-de-Kamouraska will be back this summer with a brand new show entitled On time< /em>.

Its co-founder, Élyme Gilbert, explains that while taking place in the same places as in previous years, the new circus show will offer a whole new universe this summer. It's new sets, new artists, a new story, it's going to be a little more contemporary, depending on the feelings the artists want to share, he says.

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">One ​​of the founders of Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche, Élyme Gilbert

The show will be directed by Melissa Collelo. Each person has a different perspective on waiting, on time, and we're going to play with that, she said.

Artists performing this summer come from places as diverse as the UK, Poland and Costa Rica. It's a beautiful mix of all kinds of cultures, says Gilbert.

Cirque de la Pointe-Sèche has revealed the poster for its new show.

These artists will perform Russian swing, hand-to-hand, elastic trapeze and balanced chair acts, among others. We also created an aerial acrobatic apparatus. There will be two people inside, Mr. Gilbert said.

On Time will be on view July 6 through July september.