Civil Defense adopts preventive measures to reduce Eid accidents

Civil Defense adopts preventive measures to reduce Eid accidents

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Civil Defense adopts preventive measures to reduce Eid accidents

The General Command of Civil Defense confirmed the readiness of its regional administrations and centers spread across the country to receive the blessed Eid Al-Adha, by raising the degree of readiness and preparedness to deal with any emergency incident during the celebration of the Eid.

The Commander-in-Chief of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Dr. Jassim Muhammad Al-Marzouqi, said that the Civil Defense adopted a package of preventive measures and measures to receive the Eid, which consisted of directing all civil defense departments at the state level to raise the percentage of readiness of manpower, machinery and equipment to provide the best services to preserve lives and property. And conducting inspection visits to civil defense centers in the country to determine the extent of readiness and speed of response to deal in emergency situations.

He pointed out that all civil defense departments and centers are ready and ready to receive the Eid, according to a unified work program aimed at providing the best services to members of society and maintaining the safety of all. This is part of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy aimed at upgrading the civil defense system in the country in order to enhance prevention and safety efforts to protect lives, property and national gains.

And he warned of the dangers of fireworks and crackers that young people and children play with during the celebration of the holiday, noting that playing with fireworks results in fires, and causes severe damage to its users, up to amputation of fingers, eye tissue damage, body burns and deformities, calling on parents to Monitor their children and not allow them to buy or tamper with these toys.

He called not to neglect the supervision of children when they use the swimming pools, as with the advent of the summer, families head towards the swimming pools in the homes to entertain their children, in light of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus, pointing out that the incidents of children drowning in home pools, farms and ranches. It has been repeated over the past years, due to neglect and the lack of actual supervision of them while they are in the swimming pools, in addition to the fact that some swimming pools lack the necessary security precautions and safety requirements.

Major General Al-Marzouqi urged community members to follow safety and protection measures in their homes by installing smoke detectors through the Hassantuk system, which was recently launched by the Ministry of Interior, with the aim of protecting lives and property, as well as making sure that the electric current and electrical appliances are disconnected in the event the family travels or leaves the house, and adhere to the conditions and public safety standards, and benefit from the advice and guidance of the Civil Defense in this regard, to avoid accidents of all kinds, in order to preserve public safety that the Ministry of Interior is working to enhance among individuals and institutions.

The Commander-in-Chief of Civil Defense appealed to community members to cooperate with the Civil Defense, to immediately report accidents, to facilitate and make way for vehicles and fire and rescue teams, not to gather at accident sites or stand in front of fire nozzles, and to ensure the validity and functioning of fire extinguishers in homes, and not to leave children unattended. Monitoring, stressing that the civil defense teams in all centers in the country are fully prepared to deal with any report received around the clock on the emergency numbers 999 or 997.

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