Clashes in Gaza, 41 Palestinians injured. Israel bombs the strip: risk of escalation

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Clashes in Gaza, 41 Palestinians injured.  Israel bombs the strip: risk of escalation

Israel bombed a number of targets of Hamas in stripfromGaza in the night between Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August 2021 after the violent clashes registered yesterday at confine with the coastal territory, in which they remained wounded41 Palestinians, included a 13-year-old in serious condition, it’s a agent of the police border of the Jewish state, also in danger of life.

The riots that have taken place in the last few hours represent the worst escalation from the 11 days of conflict between Israel And Hamas fought in May and cost at least their lives 250 Palestinians And 13 Israelis.

Now there is a risk of a new spiral of violence after sending the reinforcements at the Division of Gaza of the Israeli army and the launch, which took place on August 16, 2021, of tworocketsfrom the strip to the Jewish state, the first since the truce sanctioned over three months ago, following the deaths of four Palestinians killed in the refugee camp of Jenin, in West Bank busy.

How did the new clashes start?

In recent days, according to the portal al-Monitor, the Palestinian factions led by Hamas had informed theEgypt – main mediator of the May armistice – that the situation in the Gaza Strip was back “difficult” and several options were being studied, including the resumption of the so-called “marches of anger”, the demonstrations along the border against the block imposed by Israel to the coastal territory, such as those that occurred every week between March 2018 and December 2019.

In a note released on August 18 after a closed-door meeting between representatives of armed groups present in the strip, the Palestinian factions expressed their “determination to continue resisting theIsraeli siege imposed on Gaza and to continue the fight until it is broken ”.

From words we then moved on to deeds. Hundreds of Palestinians they gathered yesterday along the border north of Gaza, protesting against the blockade, throwing stones and incendiary bottles and giving life to the clashes most violent ever recorded in the area from three months to today.

Hamas he said that the processions had been called in memory of the fire that took place 52 years ago at the Al-Aqsa mosque to Jerusalem, considered the third holiest place forIslam. “The Al-Aqsa mosque is a red line and any attack against it will meet with strenuous resistance from our people,” reads a Note of the Palestinian movement, according to which “thousands” of demonstrators took part in the protests.

According to the armed forces of the Jewish state, some demonstrators tried to jump over the security fence provoking the Israeli response with the use of riot gear, tear gas and snipers. During the fighting a 21-year-old Israeli border police officer And was seriously injured to the head for a gunshot. The man is in critical condition and remains in danger of life after undergoing surgery.

Between seriously injured also an 13-year-old Palestinian. According to the Gaza health authorities, the child was seriously injured at the head. On the body, doctors also found other injuries defined as “moderate”, including various wounds caused by gun shots ai Arts, at the back and toabdomen. In all, according to a note from the Gaza Ministry of Health, they are 41 the Palestinian civilians remained wounded in the clashes.

Israel’s response: bombing Gaza

Following yesterday’s violent clashes on the border between Israel And Gaza, the air force of the Jewish state has bombed in the night four weapons storage and production sites connected to Hamas. At the moment there is no news of victims following the air raids.

According to the Israeli military, the Palestinian factions responded by firing rockets and artillery shots at the Jewish state fighters, to no avail. Some bullets would have landed in the border town of Sderot, causing minor damage to local property.

Also, preparing for further escalation, the Israeli military authorities decided to send reinforcements at the Division of Gaza, including units of special forces and new batteries of the air defense system Iron Dome.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for HamasFawzi Barhoum called the latest air strikes a Gaza a demonstration that the Jewish state “tries to cover up its own failure and disappointment in the face of the people’s steadfastness Palestinian and strenuous resistance “.

The escalation comes exactly three months after the signing of a truce between Israel And Hamas after the hostilities in May and now it is feared that a new round of violence could affect the region, especially if the situation a Gaza should not improve.

There reconstruction in the strip is stalled sincecease-fire, partly due to the blockade maintained by the Jewish state on the coastal territory, in force since 2007 when Hamas took power with a military coup. During the week, the government of Israel authorized the inflow of new financial aid from Qatar to Gaza, but denied the lifting of other restrictions.