Coahuila.  Security cameras will have interconnection

Coahuila. Security cameras will have interconnection

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Coahuila.  Security cameras will have interconnection

Esmeralda Sanchez

Coahuila / 18.07.2021 20:39:09

The Coahuila government announced the interconnection of security cameras between the municipalities of the entity, in addition to private companies who provide said service, which he assured is done for the citizens’ own safety.

The above was reported by the Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, according to a statement issued by the State Government, where it is specified that The cameras have facial recognition capabilities, license plate recognition, video surveillance, command, dispatch and maintenance, and are in 370 strategic points in 11 cities of the entity.

So far the C4, who receive this information, They have been operating autonomously from each other, but as of this announcement they will work interconnected; this as part of the security shielding strategy.

According to it, the process has already begun, once the installation and testing phase of 1,287 cameras with modern technology that were acquired last year to reinforce security, prevention and crime fighting was concluded.

All the cameras that make up the Video Intelligence System of the Government of Coahuila that works through the Computation, Control and Command Centers (C4), with the teams of the municipalities, as well as of the private companies that are dedicated to the security.

With this, it is ensured, there will be a better response and attention capacity of the Coahuila police corporations for any type of crime by expanding monitoring, such as vehicle robberies and violent acts, since the alerts will arrive in less time and directly; in addition to favoring the investigation processes.

Official information maintains that representatives of commercial and industrial sectors in several cities showed their interest in connecting their equipment to the State System to protect companies and industries.

“The technology of this system is part of the security infrastructure designed for Coahuila as a fundamental tool for strengthening the strategies aimed at safeguarding and preserving the tranquility of citizens,” said the Governor.