Colorado: previews, comedians and guests episode of 18 July on Italia 1

Colorado: previews, comedians and guests episode of 18 July on Italia 1

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Colorado: previews, comedians and guests episode of 18 July on Italia 1

Colorado: the previews, the comedians and the guests of the episode of July 18 on Italia 1

Back in prime time on Italia 1 Colorado, the historic comic broadcast, with the revival of the twentieth edition. Appointment tonight, Sunday 18 July 2021, at 21.20. This is the edition that aired in 2019, with the conduct of Paolo Ruffini and the great return of Belen Rodriguez. There will be many moments of comedy, fun and lightness during these episodes. Let’s see together the comedians, the guests and the previews of the third episode of Colorado, with the rerun of the twentieth edition, broadcast tonight, July 18, 2021, on Italia 1.

Previews, comedians and conductors

Alongside the actor and director Paolo Ruffini, for the seventh time at the helm of “Colorado”, is back by popular demand Belen Rodriguez. The Argentine showgirl and presenter, in addition to playing the role of the hostess, will be the protagonist together with some comedians of hilarious sketches, getting involved with sympathy and self-irony. In addition, on stage, in the guise of co-hosts there will also be Spark, aka Gianluca Fubelli, and the duo the PanPers, for many years one of the cornerstones of the program.

More than 40 artists will alternate on stage in this edition in the name of renewal, experimentation, fast pace, good humor and interaction with the public. A sort of factory, whose fulcrum is represented by the living room adjoining the scene where the comedians converge in rotation, creating a “sui generis” listening group.

Many new entries of this edition broadcast for the first time in 2019 and now re-proposed in replication: Vincenzo Albano, Andrea Carlini, Federico Parlanti, Maria Pia Timo, Stefano Gorno, Massimo De Rosa, Tony D’Ursi, Raffaello Corti, I Masa , Cristina Chinaglia, Francesco Arienzo, Angelo Pisani, Flora Canto, Filippo Caccamo Massimo Bagnato and Gianni Astone. Among the very young, Davide D’Urso, Davide Calgaro and Marco Stabile. Among the most anticipated arrivals in Colorado that of Max Pisu, a master of laughter who will entertain the public with the historical character Tarcisio and his unmissable monologues. In addition, the great return of the Pino & the Antibodies with their beloved Pino and the washing machine and the dog Fuffi. And again the Soldispicci, a cult couple on the web.

And then, there will be some well-known faces of the program, including Claudia Campolongo, Barbara Foria, Alessandro Bianchi, Alberto Farina, the Pantellas, Mauro Villata, Bob Russo, Raffaele D’Ambrosio, Rubes Piccinelli, Herbert Cioffi, Bella Question, Peppe and Ciccio, Franco Rossi, Gianluca Impastato and Enrico Luparia, Pablo and Pedro. Francesca Cipriani and Elena Morali also return to the cast of Colorado. To act as a trait d’union between the performances of the artists there will not be the classic dance troupe, but a group of 5 girls who, in addition to performing in amusing stacchetti, will try their hand at some comedy tests. Among them will then be elected “Miss Colorado”.

Streaming and tv

How to see Colorado on TV? Very simple: as already mentioned, the comedy program will be broadcast tonight – Sunday 18 July 2021 – starting at 9.20 pm on Italia 1. Mediaset’s “young” network is available free of charge at key 6 of the digital terrestrial remote control or at key 506 for the HD version. For Sky subscribers, the channel is also visible on key 106 on the decoder.

If you are not at home, you can see for free the broadcast conducted by Paolo Ruffini and Belen Rodriguez on the platform of Mediaset Infinity, which allows you to follow the program in streaming on a PC, tablet or smartphone. A simple registration with email or social network will give you access to all Mediaset contents in live streaming and also, from the day after the broadcast, on demand.

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