Commission: WhatsApp promises greater transparency and full compliance with EU rules

Commission: WhatsApp promises greater transparency and full compliance with EU rules

Commission: WhatsApp promises more transparency and compliance with EU rules

Illustration photo – Illustration picture of Facebook and WhatsApp dated November 15, 2018. 

Brussels – The operator of the chat app WhatsApp has promised to follow complaints about changes to its privacy rules more transparent and that it will fully comply with the rules of the European Union. The European Commission (EC), which, as the executive body of the EU, also fulfills the role of the antimonopoly authority, stated this in its statement today. WhatsApp is part of American technology company Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook.

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WhatsApp will make it easier for users to decline updates if they don't agree with them. It will also clearly explain when such a refusal will result in the user no longer being able to use WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp operator also stated that it does not share users' personal data for advertising purposes with third parties or other group companies Meta, so not even with Facebook. The dialogue between WhatsApp and the Commission was coordinated by the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Irish Competition and Consumer Commission. It was mediated by the commission.

“I welcome WhatsApp's commitment to change its practices to comply with EU rules and to proactively inform users of any changes to their contract and respect their choices, rather than asking them again every time they open the app. Consumers have the right to understand what they are agreeing to and what this choice entails in order to decide whether they want to continue using the platform,” said European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders.

On the alleged unfair practices in connection with updates The terms of service and privacy policy of WhatsApp were brought to the attention of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) and eight of its member associations in January last year. .They reiterated their demands in another letter last June.

The CPC will actively monitor how WhatsApp implements these commitments in future updates of its principles. If necessary, it will enforce their compliance by enforcing possible fines.