Common front for a new hospital in Drummondville

Common front for a new hospital in Drummondville

Common front for a new hospital in Drummondville

Doctors of Drummondville are calling for a new hospital in the region. They held a press conference about it on Wednesday morning.

Doctors from Drummondville challenge the Minister of Health Christian Dubé and urgently demand a new regional hospital.

According to them, the current Sainte-Croix Hospital, built in 1947, is dilapidated in several respects and is inadequate for the healthcare workers as well as the patients who frequent the facility.

Doctors are asking the Quebec government to quickly appoint a project manager to include the construction of a new regional hospital in the Quebec Infrastructure Plan.

Drummondville doctors consider that the current establishment is not adequate.

Drummondville's regional head of family physicians, Dr. Nancy Durand, says she has difficulty sending her patients to the hospital.

“Either we don't have places or we don't have beds. It's sad and sometimes we hear a lot of situations related to the fact that it's not easy to get treatment in a corridor. »

— Nancy Durand, Regional Chief of Family Physicians for Drummondville

Her colleague, Dr. Catherine Tétreault, issues a warning. If nothing is done, that is where it will become more dangerous in terms of the quality of care, she believes.

These doctors are launching a petition at the same time to demand the support of the population.

The Caquiste deputies from Drummondville also promised, during the election campaign, to conduct a feasibility study with the aim of replacing the Sainte-Croix Hospital.

With information from Jean-François Dumas