Compulsory 3 product to protect the heart

According to Harvard scientist, doctor of medicine William W. Lee, to protect the heart should be mandatory in your diet 3 product – oily fish, tea, dark chocolate.

Названы обязательные 3 продукта для защиты сердца

“Almost half of the world adult population suffers from cardiovascular diseases. To keep the heart healthy, must be especially attentive to the choices we make every day. This primarily concerns the supply,” reports Medik Forum with a link to EatingWell..

Harvard specialist advises to make mandatory in the diet of 3 products to protect the heart.

Oily fish. Provides the body with omega-3 acids – the most useful type of fat for the recovery of the heart muscle. These unsaturated fats reduce the level of triglyceride, increase the content of “good” cholesterol, can prevent platelet aggregation, causing an arterial occlusion.

“We need to strive to eat one or two servings of fatty fish the size of a deck of cards every week,” — said the expert.

Tea. According to Dr. Lee says, drinking tea is one of the best easiest ways to maintain the heart in good condition. Flavonoids in black and green tea help to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation in the blood vessels.

“Studies show that drinking two or three cups of tea a day help to strengthen the cardiovascular system,” — said the scientist.

Dark chocolate. Lee says: dark chocolate with cocoa content between 70% and protects the heart due to the large amount of cocoa flavanols, reducing hard calcium plaque in the arteries, leading to atherosclerosis. Also beneficial substances that activate cardioprotective stem cells and improve the blood circulation.

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