Conception will take place! Omens for a successful pregnancy on February 15, medium

Energy will be favorable, important part is visualization.

Зачатие состоится! Приметы для удачной беременности на 15 февраля – медиум

If a woman has a desire to have a baby, but pregnancy does not occur, to come to the aid February 15 — the day after Valentine’s Day. A psychic told me how to prepare for conception, after the holidays.

During training it is important to pay attention to the situation in the house. Comfortable in it, what parts confused, from what things it is better to get rid of. It is best to clean, add items that bring comfort, and in any case not to clutter the room with a huge number of things — energy needs to move freely.

After the feast is to prepare a menu for the next week — alcohol is better to exclude, and of the products to take only what you really like. Do not skimp on this event, thus, the body filled with positive energy due to the satisfaction of the taste buds.

At the foot of the bed is to wind a red thread and tie it on 8 nodes, each making wishes. Thus, there will be protection from negative energy, impulses and desires as quickly as possible comes to the Universe.

Equally effective way would be placement of candles around the room. It is best to have 3 big candles near the bed, and 5 by the window. Thus, the flow of energy will find the right course and accelerate the long-awaited conception.

15 Feb energy will be friendly, so it is important a lot to visualize in this day. The more will be dubbed the desire, the sooner it will come true, but it’s important to want both people in the pair.

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