Construction of Podolsky bridge in Kiev: there were interesting details (VIDEO)

Как строят Подольский мост в Киеве: появились интересные детали (ВИДЕО)

In Kiev, work is continuing on the construction of Podolsky bridge — already installed in the design position, the span of the steel structure part of the race on the bridge with the street on the Upper Shaft weighing 500 tons.

It is reported by Telegram-channel PavlovskyNews.

According to the project, the bridge linking Podil with the left-Bank areas of the ceiling and a rainbow array. The total length of the bridge will be about 7.5 km.

Open road by Podolsky bridge, have until the end of 2020.

It should be noted that the feasibility study for construction of bridge across the Dnieper river was developed in 1987-1989. Work on its construction began in 1993, but was suspended.

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