Consumer confidence falls in August, report Inegi and Banxico

Consumer confidence falls in August, report Inegi and Banxico

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Consumer confidence falls in August, report Inegi and Banxico

Silvia Rodriguez

Mexico City / 02.09.2021 09:38:32

In August 2021, the Consumer Confidence Indicator registered a decrease of 1.2 points, compared to the previous month, which represents the second consecutive monthly decline and the highest since April 2020, when health contingency measures were implemented to stop the covid-19 pandemic, according to the information published jointly by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) and the Bank of Mexico.

Based on seasonally adjusted figures, monthly reductions were observed in the five components that make up consumer confidence, but deeper in the item that assesses consumer confidence. economic situation present of the household members and in which it quantifies the perception about the future situation of the country.

The component that evaluates the opinion about the economic situation of the members of the household at the present time compared to what they had twelve months ago showed a monthly drop of 1.7 points.

The item corresponding to the expectation regarding the economic situation of the household membersr within twelve months compared to the one recorded at the present time decreased by 1.5 points.

The variable that measures the perception of consumers Regarding the economic situation of the country today, compared to the one that prevailed twelve months ago, it was reduced by 0.8 points.

The indicator that captures expectations about the economic condition of the country expected within a year compared to the current situation contracted 1.7 points.

Finally, the component relating to the opinion on the possibilities at the present time by the members of the household, compared with those of a year ago, to make purchases of durable goods, such as furniture, television, washing machine and other household appliances fell 1.2 points.

Annual comparison

In its annual comparison, in August 2021 consumer confidence registered a rise of 7.5 points with seasonally adjusted figures, the lowest annual growth since the fall of 1.6 percent that was registered in March of this year.