Corona vaccine opponent: Austrian behavioral economist suggests “systematic discrimination”

Corona vaccine opponent: Austrian behavioral economist suggests “systematic discrimination”

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Corona vaccine opponent: Austrian behavioral economist suggests “systematic discrimination”

Updated: 07/09/202105:22

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A sufficiently high vaccination rate is a tool in the fight against Corona. But how do you convince the skeptics? A behavioral economist has a suggestion.

Zurich – A free joint, free beer, baseball tickets for free: The US government is pushing the gas in the most media-effective way when it comes to incentives for the corona vaccination. The success of this strategy has been mixed. In this country, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) only warned this week not to tear the required vaccination quota.

Around two thirds of the adults surveyed recently told the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) that they “definitely” or “probably” want to be vaccinated. That is not enough for herd immunity. Among other things, because of the delta mutation, a value of 85 percent for twelve to 59-year-olds and 90 percent for older people would be necessary, according to the RKI.

Corona and anti-vaccination: behavioral economist calls for “systematic discrimination”

Behavioral economics examines people’s economic behavior. And one of their representatives now told the Swiss portal With regard to strict opponents of vaccinations: “You can only convince them if we systematically discriminate.”

For the Austrian behavioral economist Gerhard Fehr, this would only be the last step. The 50-year-old asked in an interview with blick.chthat the Swiss Ministry of Health must make it clear what happens if you don’t get vaccinated. “But without scare-mongering.”

Fehr explained: “Nobody would get on an airplane if the risk of falling was half a percent. But all non-vaccinated people are currently ready to contract a virus from which they will die with a 0.5 percent chance. “

“Pre-vaccination” in the Corona crisis: Lauterbach & Co. are demanding a fine

As with smokers, who also didn’t put off warning labels on cigarette packets, rich communication alone wasn’t enough. How can you move these people? Fehr now suggested that skeptics should be sent a vaccination appointment without being asked, which they can take advantage of or let pass. “But you would have to actively log out if you don’t want to go,” he demanded as a catch.

Afterwards, according to Fehr, a fine could possibly follow, as SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has demanded in this country.

Behavioral economist suspects 35 percent of corona vaccination skeptics in Switzerland

“Then there will still be a good 35 percent who absolutely do not want to be vaccinated,” believes Fehr for Switzerland. And this is where his proposal for discrimination comes into play in the interview. Only those who have been vaccinated should be allowed to go to restaurants or concerts.

“Systematic discrimination is nothing new, we encounter it constantly in everyday life,” said Fehr, justifying his approach. For example, many people couldn’t afford to go to a restaurant every day because of their wages, he cited as an example.

Federal government wants to reach corona vaccination skeptics via TV and radio

The question of whether such “systematic discrimination” suits anti-vaccination campaigners is wrong for Fehr. “The question is rather: Can a minority claim to enjoy full freedom rights at the expense of the vaccinated majority?” He replied. “After all, we would not accept it if 25 percent of the population did not pay taxes.”

Meanwhile, the German government wants to push advertising for vaccinations. The Ministry of Health wants to make the existing vaccination campaign “louder”, so a spokesman. For example, TV and radio spots should be aimed at those who are thinking about a second vaccination or about a vaccination in general. (frs)