Coronation of King Charles III. got the logo from the former chief designer of Apple

Coronation of King Charles III. got the logo from the former chief designer of Apple

The coronation of King Charles III received a logo from the bývalého šé fdesignéra by Apple

Britain's King Charles III, September 17, 2022.

London – The British royal family tonight revealed the logo for the upcoming coronation of the king Charles III, which will be used in street festivities, in promotional materials or on official souvenirs. The emblem was designed by Jony Ive, who headed Apple's design department for over two decades and was thus a co-author of products such as the iPhone or iPod. The coronation at Westminster Abbey in London is scheduled for May 6.

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The circular logo uses floral motifs and combines “English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil and Northern Irish shamrock”. Four plants symbolizing the parts of the United Kingdom form the shape of the crown used in the coronation ceremony in blue. The circle around her is completed by red flowers and an inscription with the name of the new monarch and the date of the coronation.

“The design was inspired by King Charles' love of the planet and nature and his deep concern for the natural world,” said designer Ive. According to him, the floral motifs reflect the “optimism of spring”.

The logo will accompany events during the extended coronation weekend, which will conclude with a concert at Windsor Castle on May 7. The coronation of the 74-year-old king is to take place almost exactly 70 years after his mother Elizabeth II completed the ceremony. Charles III became monarch at the time of her death last September and also became the oldest person to ascend the throne in the history of the British monarchy.