Coronavirus  According to Hus’s assistant chief physician, the delta transformation may be the prelude to even more danger

Coronavirus According to Hus’s assistant chief physician, the delta transformation may be the prelude to even more danger

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Coronavirus  According to Hus’s assistant chief physician, the delta transformation may be the prelude to even more danger

“A patient who receives a delta variant infects an average of four people,” says assistant chief physician Husista.

Coronavirus The rapidly spreading delta transformation has moved Finland to a new stage of the disease in the middle of the hopefully begun summer season.

At the end of June, there were 24 people in hospital care in Finland due to the coronavirus, now there are 42 in the wards.

“The need for hospital care has thus doubled in a month. There are fewer patients in the wards than in previous epidemic waves, but the direction is worrying, ”says the assistant chief physician of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) Department of Infectious Diseases. Eeva Ruotsalainen.

“Based on the age distribution, patients in need of hospitalization focus on those age groups who have no vaccine or have only received the first dose.”

The Swede reminds that summer time is a time for the hospital when the number of staff is limited due to holidays and normal operations are strict.

Hus hospitals had 13 corona patients between the ages of 22 and 54 on Monday.

Swedish in this situation, does not consider it sensible to lift the restrictions, and in certain areas he would even consider it necessary to tighten the restrictions.

“Areas are now locked in to look at the low workload of hospital care, although incidence and case numbers have risen, infection tracing persists and tries to keep up. As long as we follow the chosen national corona hybrid strategy, we must have the ability to react to the deteriorating situation, ”says Ruotsalainen.

He sees British action as a warning example in dealing with a pandemic. British doctors have already warnedthat more and more patients in intensive care are between the ages of 20 and 30. Nevertheless, it has been decided in Britain to continue to lift interest rate restrictions.

“The more people get to meet each other without restrictions, get sick and infect, the more likely it is that the virus will be able to transform into an even more infectious or dangerous form. Virus variants are the ones that create uncertainty about the future, ”says Ruotsalainen.

The Swede, who worked with the pandemic for a year and a half, has long ago concluded that the virus does not follow seasonality.

“The coronavirus doesn’t clearly recognize seasonality, it recognizes humans. An average of four people become infected with delta-variant. ”

Last compared to summer, this summer is different because festivals and public events are now held. There have been private events and European Championship tourists.

Vaccinations do not yet offer a way out of the epidemic, as the number of unvaccinated young people and people of working age who have received only one dose of the vaccine is still high. There are still almost two million completely unvaccinated citizens in Finland.

If, in early August, the government makes a decree on vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds, schooling will begin before this group is even vaccinated.

“At this rate, we could not have the opportunity to reach 90 percent vaccine coverage in those over 12 until the end of the year,” says Ruotsalainen.

What then this situation can be done?

The Swedish recipe is mainly a familiar activity. The use of masks in public spaces and means of transport must be continued and safety clearances must be maintained. He supports the coron passport as part of control measures.

“If Denmark and many European countries, for example, can do that, why not us. When we talk about equality or equality, the equality of people who do not want to get sick in public places must also be taken into account, ”says Ruotsalainen.

France and Italy, among others, have begun to require a corona passport at restaurants and events, for example. You will receive a coron passport if you have received both doses of the vaccine, have suffered from covid-19 disease or if you have a certificate of a negative corona test less than 72 hours old.

Also the Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (vihr) stated in an interview with BTI on Monday that “from a public health point of view, a corona passport would make great sense”.

Restaurants additional restrictions, according to the Swede, are not the only possible way to prevent the spread of the disease. The disease also spreads at festivals, private events and public events.

Currently, health care tracking activities are highly congested, which in practice slows down the catching of infection chains and the quarantine of those exposed.

When staff is added to the trace, the non-urgent care of primary care precipitates. People do not get to the doctor or dentist in time.

“Far too little has also been said about the fact that young age groups are equally at risk of developing long-term coronary heart disease. If one-fifth of those affected get a long-term form of the disease, that means 20,000 out of 100,000 people affected. The able-bodied population here now bears an unknown risk of illness. ”

Swedish In his opinion, Finland started to lift the corona restrictions too early, which contributed to giving the citizens the wrong signal that, for example, the use of masks or safety gaps could be abandoned.

Many parents are already looking forward to the coming school year with fearful feelings. According to the Swede, the European Center for Disease Control has issued updated recommendations on improving the ventilation of teaching facilities, safety intervals, the use of masks, improving the tracing of infections and the quarantine of exposed people.

“Parents’ fear for their children should not be underestimated. Teachers’ concerns should also be taken into account, ”says Ruotsalainen.

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