Coronavirus confirmed from a third person in the Lviv region

Коронавирус подтвердили у третьего человека на Львовщине

Infection by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 confirmed on March 26, a 57-year-old man in Lviv region. This is the third case of the disease Covid-19 in the region.

It is known that the man whose test confirmed the presence of coronavirus, has recently returned from Italy. This was told in the Lviv regional state administration.

57-year-old man is being treated in the Lviv regional infectious hospital. March 26, received a test result Covid-19, it was positive.

In General, from 8 am to 17 hours of this day in the field with a suspected infection of the coronavirus asked four more people.

The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the Lviv region

  • The first case occurred in Lviv recorded March 20, the 58-year-old doctor who recently returned from Germany.
  • 23 Mar recorded the second case is a 51-year old Lviv resident, who came from Austria.
  • In the Lviv region with suspected coronavirus addressed to doctors of 148 people. 29 Covid-19 is not confirmed.

In Ukraine, according to the health Ministry as of the evening of March 26, 196 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. 6 people died and 1 person voted the cure.

Коронавирус подтвердили у третьего человека на Львовщине

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