Coronavirus: Delta is now also dominating in Germany – new measures?

Coronavirus: Delta is now also dominating in Germany – new measures?

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Coronavirus: Delta is now also dominating in Germany – new measures?

Updated: 07/08/202111:33

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The delta variant of the coronavirus is now also prevalent in Germany – and thus confirms worrying forecasts. At the same time, the vaccination rate decreases. Warn experts!

Germany is actually doing well – the corona pandemic seems to be under control at the moment. The 7-day incidence for Germany has risen slightly recently, but is still at a very low value of 5.2. Baden-Württemberg’s incidence value has even fallen slightly *. But despite the supposedly relaxed situation, experts are anything but relaxed. Many fear that the particularly contagious Corona variant “Delta” could bring the fourth wave. That reports *.

Because the delta variant is spreading more and more – at the same time the rate of vaccination ebbs. Many Germans skip their second vaccination, often without canceling the appointment. The vaccination centers in Öhringen and Rot am See are also affected by this unpleasant phenomenon. A problem – especially when you consider that the delta mutation is now also prevalent in Germany. Although the number of infections is still low, the percentage of delta infections is now 59 percent. That has that Robert Koch Institute RKI announced now.

Delta variant dominates: politicians and doctors call for creativity for corona vaccination campaign

Concerned about how this could affect the absolute number of infections, both politicians and doctors are now calling for the vaccination campaign to be promoted through additional incentives. Because how * reported that the number of infections is already exploding again in some countries. This is one of the reasons why the Marburger Bund doctors’ union recently told the Rheinische Postthat more creativity is required from the local authorities. The chairwoman, Susanne Johna, explained that “you have to address people directly and not wait until they come to the vaccination center.”

Their motto: the lower the threshold, the better. And Johna is not alone with this idea. Sabine Dittmar, health policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, told Die Welt that it would make sense if citizens could also be vaccinated in pedestrian zones, housing estates and at events. The Prime Minister of Saarland, Tobias Hans, even thinks one step further.

Coronavirus Delta variant: create incentives for vaccination?

Hans spoke to the Newspapers of the Funke media group to create additional incentives. His idea: “You could think of a raffle,” for example, a bike or another nice prize could be given out. In addition, Hans also said that mobile vaccination teams and special campaigns are necessary in socially disadvantaged areas.

The vaccination centers are now partly following the path and offering unusual vaccination campaigns. In Heilbronn, for example, the so-called “Vaccination bridge” bring people to the vaccination appointment faster *, in Rot am See in the Schwäbisch Hall district, the vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson are to be offered in special promotions vaccinated on the coming weekend (July 10th and 11th) without an appointment * become.

Corona – vaccination campaign stalls: This is what makes the Delta variant so dangerous

The number of new vaccinations has fallen dramatically in the last two weeks – while until recently more than a million doses were vaccinated per day, the RKI reports for Tuesday, July 6th, just under 700,000 vaccinated doses. As already indicated, this is particularly problematic with regard to the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Vaccination status Germany (July 6th)
People with at least one vaccination57.1%
Vaccination doses administered78.7 million
Daily vaccinations+699,546

Mainly because the extremely contagious “double mutant” is spreading incredibly quickly. Not only does it make up almost 60 percent of the samples examined, many cases could also go completely undetected. Because the delta variant of the corona virus manifests itself in different symptoms than the previous virus. Signals of a Covid 19 disease, which are typically accepted, almost no longer occur in the Delta mutant. This often makes it difficult To distinguish corona from a normal cold or summer flu *.

Delta variant dominates for the first time: tighten or repeal measures?

That is why the President of the German Society for Immunology, Christine Falk, urgently recommends wearing a mask. In addition, according to Falk, other corona rules, ranging from distance to hygiene measures to testing, must urgently be maintained. Because for the delta variant of the coronavirus it is “easy to jump from one person to the next.”

But opinions differ here, because even if, according to experts, the previous vaccines against the coronavirus in Germany do not protect 100 percent against the delta variant, for many experts they should be the means to fight the pandemic. Saarland state chief Hans has therefore even made a first push towards further easing.

With falling incidences, the mask requirement is falling in many places. But not all experts are convinced of this. (Symbol image)

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You can only maintain the protective measures as long as they serve to prevent excessive demands on the health system, he explained Spark newspapers. If “the occupancy figures in the hospitals remain at a low level, we must gradually reduce our corona measures,” he demanded. He is convinced that anything else would not be constitutionally tenable. * and * are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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