Coronavirus in France: Emmanuel Macron imposes a health passport for restaurants, closed places and travel

Coronavirus in France: Emmanuel Macron imposes a health passport for restaurants, closed places and travel

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Coronavirus in France: Emmanuel Macron imposes a health passport for restaurants, closed places and travel

Everyone get vaccinated. That was the slogan of President Emmanuel Macron in his speech to the country on Monday night, to confront the new Delta variant, which can resurrect the epidemic in France. All people who work close to fragile people, from health personnel, caregivers and family members, they must be vaccinated. The state will control it from September if they have. A health passport will be mandatory to travel, go to the restaurant, the cinema or take the train, plane, or visit the doctor.

Mandatory vaccination of caregivers. President Macron announced that hospital caregivers and non-medical staff will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19, a topic that has been debated for a long time in recent weeks. At this stage, 61.3% of nursing home professionals have received at least one dose, 51% are fully vaccinated. Regarding private caregivers, 81% received a first dose, 76.1% received their two doses.

A third booster shot It has been available since September in France. Thousands of French stormed the platforms to book it online, at a rate of 17,000 shifts per minute, as the head of state was speaking from the ephemeral Grand Palais, which has been built in front of the Eiffel Tower. The platforms were blocked and there was a wait for their entry “online” of up to 356 minutes.

“Our country is facing a strong resumption of the epidemic”the president warned. In question, the Delta variant, which caused an increase in pollution in the world.

Emmanuel Macron announced new measures to face the coronavirus. AFP photo

“For now, vaccination will not be mandatory for the general public”, announced Emmanuel Macron, who relies on “trust”. He called on the French to get vaccinated for a “collective sense of spirit”, specifying that 9 million doses are still available, and that it is especially aimed at the elderly and at risk.

Mandatory vaccination of caregivers will be controlled. As of September 15, controls will be carried out among the nursing staff. Those who do not comply with the vaccination obligation will be sanctioned.


France until now did not charge the tests. Non-prescription PCR tests will no longer be reimbursed in the European Fall. The presidential objective: encourage the vaccination of the population.

The use of the extended health passport will be mandatory. This passport, which is now mandatory to travel within the European Union or to enter a nightclub, will be requested in bars, restaurants, amusement parks, trains, buses and airplanes from the beginning of August. It will also be necessary for medical establishments. For events and entertainment venues of more than 50 people, it will be necessary from July 21. In short: you will have to be vaccinated or test negative to access it.

The latest report in France shows 28 deaths in 24 hours, 7,137 people are hospitalized, including 957 in intensive care. The incidence rate increases dramatically in people aged 15 to 44, in a demonstration that the new variant affects the very young.

Statistics show that 35,788,198 French received at least one dose of vaccine; 27,385,182 of them have completed their vaccination schedule.

Wearing a mask and a health pass It will be mandatory for all spectators who wish to attend the parade on July 14 in Paris.

“A pact between generations”. The president announced the upcoming establishment of a system of “Universal Youth Guarantee”, which consists of “an income commitment for young people”. For the elderly, it promises a series of measures, in particular the modernization of nursing homes, as well as better support.

“There will be no pension reform until the epidemic is controlled ”, assured the president.

The future

With vaccination, “We can prepare our future in September”, judged Emmanuel Macron. Among its objectives: to make France less dependent on foreign countries in terms of production (especially in the production of medicines and in the automotive industry), to innovate in health and research, as well as in digital and technology. “A reinforcement campaign will be established from the beginning of September for those vaccinated in January and February,” said the president.

“All vaccines in France strongly protect us against the variant.” “The equation is simple: the more we vaccinate, the less space we will leave for the virus to spread. It is, therefore, a new speed race that is at stake ”, declared the president, who wants“ to vaccinate as many people as possible, everywhere, at all times.

Emmanuel macron forecasts economic growth of 6% in France, proof that the country has held up well, despite the vagaries of the pandemic.