Coronavirus in the USA: the number of deaths and patients has increased dramatically

Коронавирус в США: количество умерших и больных резко возросло

As of March 26 victims of the coronavirus in the United States have become 1 042 people. Only for the last day died a record 233 infected. The number of patients exceeded 69 thousand people.

According to estimates of the American Johns Hopkins University, the worst situation is in the state of new York. In General, the coronavirus recorded in all 50 States, the district of Columbia and other U.S. territories.

A quarter of all deaths in the state of new York, and the number of cases has exceeded 32 thousand people.

According to us authorities, across the country tests for the coronavirus passed 418 810.

Note that the United States ranks third in the number of infected persons after China and Italy.

Coronavirus in the United States: what is known

  • The world health organization warned that the new epicenter of the spread of the coronavirus may be the United States.
  • From March 13, the United States temporarily halted for a month transport links with Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.
  • 13 Mar Donald trump has declared a state of emergency.
  • Subsequently, in the United States approved the first drug against coronavirus patients will be treated with the blood plasma of those who have recovered from Covid-2019.
  • The US government will distribute to each family for 3 thousand dollars because of the coronavirus.
  • In addition, in the United States begin clinical trials of a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Коронавирус в США: количество умерших и больных резко возросло

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