Coronavirus  Minister of Economic Affairs Lintilä: Restaurants will not be excluded from the corona passport

Coronavirus Minister of Economic Affairs Lintilä: Restaurants will not be excluded from the corona passport

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Coronavirus  Minister of Economic Affairs Lintilä: Restaurants will not be excluded from the corona passport

Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (center) emphasizes that the corona passport is an alternative to brackets and restrictions. The HS went through the views of four ministries on the passport.

Job- and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (TEM) is not excluding restaurants from the corona passport, says the Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (central) HS.

This is what has been reported in recent days, among others News Finn and Evening paper.

“Somewhere is now misunderstood,” Lintilä says.

“The position of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy is the same as before: the passport must be introduced.”

According to him, the ministry has the will to create maximum opportunities for restaurants and events to operate.

“We start from the premise that the passport should not tighten the situation from the current one. There is a need for a passport in a situation where the alternative is a significant restriction or blockage due to a worsening disease situation. ”

Lintilä emphasizes that a passport is an alternative to brackets and restrictions.

passin the introduction is intended to relax existing restrictions or to avoid the introduction of new, more stringent restrictions. In addition, the aim is to ease sectors that have suffered from interest rate restrictions. In the past, the passport is estimated to be available in October at the earliest.

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Passport preparation is led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM). By Tuesday, four ministries had submitted their views on the passport To STM.

TEM presentation according to the event sector, it does not make sense to differentiate the use of the passport on the basis of the nature of the event, but should be available for all indoor and restricted outdoor events.

According to the presentation, the passport could be used for, among other things, theater and summer theater screenings, cinema screenings, concerts, festivals, sporting events and tournaments, as well as congresses, seminars, trade fairs and training events.

It would allow exceptions to the number limit and the number of participants: the number of participants could be raised to a normal level. If a passport requirement were included in the ticket conditions, the opportunities would not have to be canceled, also due to a possible regional restriction.

According to the proposal, the passport requirement as an alternative to a security decision or closure should be limited, at least initially, to sports and sports facilities, gyms, public saunas, swimming pools and spas, as well as dance venues and choir and amateur theater facilities.

As the restrictions in force for catering establishments are laid down in a Government decree, the introduction of a passport should be further assessed in this respect.

A passport requirement would not be imposed on essential public or private services such as retail outlets, pharmacies, hairdressers, post offices and libraries.

Remember of the Ministries, the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) considers that the introduction of the passport should be explored in: performing arts performances, film screenings, exhibition openings and book and work presentations, cultural presentations and discussions, and other similar cultural public events. In addition, the Ministry of Education lists sports and sports events as well as events in the youth field.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is proposing to make it possible to introduce a passport in the construction sector, as this would help combat the coronavirus on construction sites. According to the ministry, there has been a perception in the industry that clear regulations enabling the fulfillment of occupational safety obligations have been either “deficient, fragmented or even non-existent”.

A passport could be linked to access control on construction sites and its use would be an option, not an obligation.

In its memorandum, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (LVM) estimates that the corona passport should be checked before boarding a vehicle or using the service. However, the ministry estimates that this would be challenging for public transport within cities and municipalities. Thus, the applicability of the passport would probably be greatest in, for example, air and other cross-border traffic, long-distance bus and coach services.

For companies or there should be no significant cost to consumers from introducing a passport, such as passport verification or an corona test, TEM argues.

We want the passport to be as simple as possible. LVM’s memorandum also highlights data security and the processing of personal data. At present, a vaccine certificate with a qr code is available from Omakanta, either in electronic form or on paper. According to the Ministry, the preparation of the corona passport could assess whether, for reasons of reliability, there would be a need to digitally sign the certificates.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s proposal takes into account that the passport requirement must still be assessed from the point of view of the non-discrimination requirement, as the introduction of a passport could affect customer choice. The YM’s proposal also reminds that it would not be necessary to indicate in the passport whether it is a vaccination or a negative test result.

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Two the ministry mentions in its views the age limit of the passport. According to the Ministry of Education and Science, the possible age limit for the use of a passport must be considered especially in relation to the requirement of equality. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy proposes to assess whether the age limit could be the same as when traveling to Finland, ie people born in 2006 and after.

In addition, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy considers that the passport requirement should not be extended to young children. Thus, in facilities specifically for children, such as indoor playgrounds and playgrounds, as well as amusement and theme parks, a passport for a parent or other guardian accompanying the child could be a requirement to be open.