Covid, anesthetists: “No vax are convinced only when hospitalized”

Covid, anesthetists: “No vax are convinced only when hospitalized”

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Covid, anesthetists: “No vax are convinced only when hospitalized”

“Those who profess against the Covid vaccine and often follow absurd conspiracy theories on social media, live in a virtual reality”. So about no vax Alessandro Vergallo, national president of the Italian hospital anesthetists association (Aaroi-Emac), at Adnkronos Salute. A virtual reality “where we exalt each other as if we had scientific expertise. But that’s not the case, we see them when they arrive in intensive care, and they are now over 90% of the total hospitalized, they are convinced of the true reality of the disease and the protection they could have with the vaccine only when they are in the resuscitation bed. Only then do they understand, “he points out.

“Unfortunately there is a hard core of Italians who are against the vaccine – warns Vergallo – at the beginning I was in favor of a ‘moral suasion’ with respect to these people but the latest events make me lean towards support for the vaccination obligation. of everything, the Green pass was supposed to encourage the immunization of skeptics and it is working, but there is a slice of over 40-50 who are resisting. But – he concludes – if we want to get out of the pandemic the tool is the vaccine otherwise the good of health public will be put in crisis by a slice of the population which will also prevent community immunity “.

As for the idea launched by the Lazio Region Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, of making the no-Vax pay for Covid treatments “we read it as a provocation but we see it as impractical even if today more than 90% of Covid admissions to intensive care is of unvaccinated people “.

Returning to the virus, “we will see an increase in cases in intensive care for a few more weeks, but it is really difficult to make predictions for the autumn because there are too many factors at stake”, he explains again taking stock of the situation. Sicily, already in the yellow zone, “is the region with the worst numbers as regards intensive hospitalizations of Covid patients” but also Sardinia “risks the yellow zone”. “On a national scale – continues Vergallo – the average occupancy of beds in resuscitation is 6% and that for non-critical areas at 7%”, where the maximum thresholds, set by the new parameters for the transition to the yellow zone, are 10% and 15% respectively.

One of the ‘critical’ points, according to the anesthesiologists, “is the real number of Covid intensive care beds available today, we think that in recent months they have been reduced to bring them back to ordinary management”. But what will happen in the coming months in resuscitation? “It is difficult to imagine it – remarks the national president of the Italian hospital resuscitators Association – there are many factors: the most contagious variants, the effectiveness of vaccines and their duration, the spread of the infection, the reopening of schools and of all work activities. So – he concludes – today it is very difficult to imagine what the effect of these factors will be on hospitals “.

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