Covid, Galli: “Certain policy is worse on vaccines”

Covid, Galli: “Certain policy is worse on vaccines”

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Covid, Galli: “Certain policy is worse on vaccines”

On vaccines “a certain political party is giving its worst by winking at a certain electorate”. Thus at Adnkronos Salute Massimo Galli, professor of Infectious Diseases at the State University and primary at the Sacco of Milan, comments on the controversies that divide the policy on the issues of anti-Covid vaccines, the Green pass and the possible possibility of reaching the vaccination obligation. According to Galli: “Since the beginning of the pandemic we have witnessed this attitude that continues today”, and the scientist recalls one event in particular, “on 27 July 2020 a conference was held in the Senate promoted by the League, where the his secretary, on that occasion some things were said about the end of the disease and the virus was reduced-Then – he remembers – there were 92 thousand deaths. Here I would say that he speaks for himself “.

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“I heard – continues Galli, always in reference to the conference ‘Covid-19 between information, science and law’ – that people would have died of hunger because they would no longer work because of those who wanted to close everything. But no one likes to close , let alone myself “.

Returning to the controversies related to the anti-Covid vaccine, Galli points out that “today it is the only tool that allows us to continue to guarantee to keep the country open and as it happens – he underlines – even on this there are ambiguous positions always on the same political side . It is something that speaks for itself, but we are used to it and we must no longer be surprised “.

Finally, Galli also reflects on how one can “disagree” but in a “constructive” way. “I can express positions contrary to some choices that you think you can make, without ideologies, but I do it with the support of the data that I can have and also of those that are not yet there – observes” the infectious disease specialist. “I am thinking of the third dose of the vaccine on which I have expressed my doubts several times, but I am a public official and if the state decides for the third dose I will do it with discipline”, he concludes.

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