Covid statistics show an increase in infected, hospitalized and dead

Covid statistics show an increase in infected, hospitalized and dead

Covid statistics show an increase in infected, hospitalized and dead

Illustrative photo – The building of the Ministry of Health in Prague on Palackého náměstí.

Prague – A total of 6,877 cases of covid-19 infection were confirmed in the Czech Republic in the last seven days, almost 1,500 more than in the previous week. Monday's 1,823 cases represented the highest daily increase since late October. The number of hospitalized people with covid has risen by almost a hundred to 683 over the past week. There have also been more deaths. This follows from data published by the Ministry of Health.

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Over the past week, tests have confirmed 4,165 new cases of coronavirus infection and 2,712 repeated infections, so-called reinfections. In both cases, it was a week-on-week increase of roughly a quarter. But the laboratories also carried out more tests, the number of examined samples increased by nine percent.

The weekly incidence of covid in the Czech Republic rose from 51 to 64 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. This represents the highest value since November 6. Of the regions, the Pilsen region has the highest incidence with almost 107 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The South Bohemian Region follows with 85 cases. On the contrary, the Moravian-Silesian region is in the best position with 37 confirmed infections per 100,000 people in the last seven days.

Since the beginning of the new type of coronavirus epidemic in March 2020, a total of 4,606,824 cases of infection, including reinfections, have been confirmed in the Czech Republic. 42,412 people died with proven covid in three years. There were 40 such cases in the last week, 15 more than in the previous seven days.

The number of patients with laboratory-confirmed infection is also increasing. This Thursday, there were 683 of them in hospitals, 13 of them in serious condition. On the same day of the previous week, there were 97 fewer hospitalized patients and 11 serious cases were registered by medical facilities.

6.9 million people have had the basic vaccination against the disease, about 4.36 million people have had their first booster dose and roughly 796,000 people and a second booster dose.