Covid Tamaulipas.  Pandemic increased sales in security equipment

Covid Tamaulipas. Pandemic increased sales in security equipment

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Covid Tamaulipas.  Pandemic increased sales in security equipment

Victor Hugo Duran

Tampico / 02.08.2021 21:31:55

The demand for inputs from industrial Security has generated a culture of protection among the citizens of the southern area of Tamaulipas, Commerce that has been growing for 5 years. From there, franchises What Safety Spot decided to expand despite the covid-19 pandemic.

The company, whose owner is Juan Francisco Ortega, opened a branch a few days ago in the Las Américas neighborhood of Madero City, on University Avenue. It is integrated into other premises with headquarters in Tampico and one more in Altamira, where at least 15 direct jobs are generated, plus other indirect ones.

“Safety Spot was consolidated as a franchise, an established goal to get more into the market, boost and position ourselves. We are registered as a brand derived from the pandemic, with a strong movement since last year, but there was growth not only due to the covid issue, but also in other utensils such as footwear, height, textiles “he explained.

Within the industrial security market, he assured it has been growing for 5 years. They caused it the required standards to the prevent yourself from working without equipment, including the manufacturing plants. These restrictions cause zero accidents.

“Not only the industry, the demand is general, schools, kinders, hospitals, nurseries, food processing companies and others. Our products have no limit to use, they are used in many ranges, parking lots, shopping centers, work at height, roads, welding, weight lifting, delimitation, transportation. The range of security is huge and covers everything “added the owner.

He pointed out that a year and a half after the health emergency, security items move and a culture of protection was created, by requesting the face mask to enter a deal or business, as well as the anticovid tests or the disinfectants. This, he indicated, are products that save them economically but also reduce infections.