Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 23 July

Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 23 July

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Covid today Italy, Civil Protection and regional contagion bulletin 23 July

Data from Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Campania and Sicily, news on infections, hospitalizations and deaths and the latest news on vaccines and the Delta variant, following the decision on the green pass and new yellow zone parameters

The Covid Italia bulletin today, Friday 23 July 2021, with data and news from the Civil Protection – region by region – on infections, hospitalizations and deaths, following the government decision on the green pass, new yellow zone parameters and extension of the state emergency. The numbers on the coronavirus pandemic from Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Campania and Sicily, the impact of the delta variant and the point on vaccines.

Here are the data of the Regions


There are 131 new coronavirus infections today 23 July in Puglia, according to data from the latest bulletin. No new deaths. The release of the usual epidemiological bulletin on Covid-19, which until now always took place in the early afternoon, has been anticipated starting today by the Puglia Region. In detail, in the bulletin, drawn up by the Region, based on information from the Health Promotion department, 10,887 tests for coronavirus infection were recorded and 131 positive cases were reported: 39 in the province of Bari, 20 in the province of Brindisi, 17 in the Bat province, 17 in the province of Foggia, 23 in the province of Lecce, 11 in the province of Taranto, 3 cases of residents outside the region, 1 case of unknown province of residence. Yesterday the new infections were 154 out of 7,336 swabs.

The number of deaths remains steady at 6,664. Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,815,016 tests have been carried out. 246,107 patients recovered while yesterday they were 246,021 (+86). The currently positive cases are 1,976 while yesterday they were 1,931 (+45). The hospitalized are 89 while yesterday they were 86 (+3). The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia since the beginning of the emergency is 254,747, divided as follows: 95,520 in the province of Bari; 25,680 in the province of Bat; 19,977 in the province of Brindisi; 45,337 in the province of Foggia; 27,337 in the province of Lecce; 39,680 in the province of Taranto; 839 attributed to residents outside the region; 377 province of residence not known.


There are 18 new coronavirus infections in Basilicata according to today’s bulletin, July 23. On the other hand, there are no new deaths. 611 the molecular swabs carried out. Even today, the positivity rate is 2.8 percent. The Lucanians recovered or negativized are 7. The hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera are 22 (+3) of which none in intensive care while the current positives are in all 580 (+10). For the vaccination, 5,800 administrations were carried out yesterday. So far 338,158 Lucanians have received the first dose of the vaccine (61.1 percent) and 227,360 have also received the second dose (41.1 percent) for a total of 565,518 administrations. Residents in Basilicata are 553,254.


There are 470 new coronavirus infections in Tuscany according to today’s bulletin, July 23. On the other hand, there are no new deaths. The tests carried out were 12,697 between rapid tests (5,844) and molecular swabs (6,853). The positivity rate is 3.7% and on first diagnoses it is 7.7%. To anticipate the data is the governor of the Region Eugenio Giani, today a guest at Italia 7.

“Today in Tuscany there are 470 new infections, some less than yesterday; of these 189 we have concentrated on the province of Florence. I therefore understand the mayor Nardella who is demanding greater hardness on the green pass being in a highly contagious territory. that Nardella we agree on the use of the green pass. I had only asked for a period of two weeks for the entry into force of its use “, said the president of the Region. “What worries me is that while last year we had an upward trend in infections at the end of September, now we are having it now – added Giani – At the moment, however, Tuscany does not risk passing from the white to the yellow zone” .

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