Covid Tuscany, administered 6 physiological solutions instead of vaccine

Covid Tuscany, administered 6 physiological solutions instead of vaccine

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Covid Tuscany, administered 6 physiological solutions instead of vaccine

Six saline solutions instead of anti-covid vaccines as expected. This was announced by the South East Tuscany Local Health Authority. It happened this afternoon at the Vaccinal Center of Camucia, in the municipality of Cortona (Arezzo) located in the Berrettini / Pancrazi gym. At the end of the morning vaccination session, the staff handed over to colleagues in the afternoon three ready-made syringes of the Pfizer vaccine and the empty vial for batch control (which is always diluted in a special physiological solution), to be used at the opening of the afternoon session. . In preparing the material for the session, the staff, by mistake, aspirated the physiological dose needed for dilution instead of putting it in the full vial, they put it in the empty vial that was used only for the batch.

The empty vial was kept to “correctly identify the batch of the registration of the three doses already prepared, a fundamental element in the control operations. At this point, after having administered all nine doses in the count (after about 45 minutes) the ‘The nurse realized the mistake, gave the alarm and all the operations were triggered, Dr. Anna Beltrano, director of the Valdichiana Health District and head of the vaccination campaign, has started all the procedures to contact the nine vaccinated citizens .

“It is important to clarify – declares Anna Beltrano – that it was a human error in the face of thousands of injections and vaccination operations that the staff has been carrying out for months now. I would also like to reassure the people involved because they run no risk, the solution that he was injected is the physiological one that is used to dilute the vaccine and has no effect on health. This mistake, however, has also highlighted how our surveillance and control service works and is able to identify an error quickly and immediately initiate countermeasures where necessary “

“We have already contacted the people involved explaining what happened and reassuring them – adds Beltrano – Now the protocol provides that within a week these people do a serological test to measure the antibodies present. In fact, as mentioned, of the nine subjects involved three received a regular vaccination, while you are but currently we do not know who they are. With the results of the serological test we are able to identify them and immediately reschedule the vaccination. Besides this we are also solving a problem raised by some regarding the validity of the Green Pass, which loses validity if the terms of the second dose expire. We are preparing special documentation that we will deliver to these people that certifies what happened and guarantees at the same level as the Green Pass, pending the second vaccination “.

“It is clear that this is an unpleasant inconvenience, among other things it has happened to experienced professionals like ours. The numbers of our vaccination efforts are enormous and unfortunately there can also be stumbles. As a company, we apologize for it and will put even more effort into guaranteeing safety. procedures and the health of citizens “, concludes Beltrano.

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