Covid, Vaia: “No terrorism on variants, but vaccinate”

Covid, Vaia: “No terrorism on variants, but vaccinate”

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Covid, Vaia: “No terrorism on variants, but vaccinate”

In Italy struggling with the coronavirus and the Delta variant, “the way to lend a hand to the country to get out of the pandemic is to do things and not criticize what others are doing. We need serious and rigorous actions, not regressive proposals. So no. to the terrorism of variants, but to inform and convince people that the weapon we have today are vaccines and that the double dose is a shield against variants “. The director of the Inmi Spallanzani of Rome underlined this to Adnkronos Salute, Francesco Vaia, at the end of the visit of General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to the Acea vaccination hub in Rome.

“We need to speed up the vaccination campaign and convince the undecided. To do this, there are new scientific studies published in prestigious journals that certify that the double dose of anti-Covid vaccine absolutely protects against serious illness and hospitalization, but also protects Furthermore, from the Seresmi-Spallanzani study it emerges that the positives after vaccine do not infect “, Vaia reiterates.

“We have taken note with great satisfaction of the compliments that the Commissioner for the emergency, General Figliuolo, wanted to give to the Lazio system, which in terms of vaccination has proven to be the best performing system – underlines the director -. these hours is when we don’t have to look at the finger, but the Moon, that is the finger are the variants and the Moon is the vaccination campaign “.

Vaia also focuses attention on schools and transport in view of the reopening in September, a theme that has not yet seen a definitive solution. “This – he says – is the time to put into action measures that are able to restart the schools safely by connecting them to transport. In May last year we anticipated this problem and today I am launching an appeal to the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who is demonstrating great ability in the fight against the pandemic: we need a ‘Marshall plan’ for schools and transport to be ready in September “.

Then there is in Rome, in these days of European matches and the return to normality, “a problem with gatherings that cannot be left alone to those who manage public order – warns the director of Spallanzani – This is a theme that must be faced as a society: why do our children and grandchildren behave in this way? Covid told us that we must avoid excesses if we want to return to our freedoms, we must convince children that we can have fun remembering the lesson of the pandemic ” .

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