Crossfire between Javier Milei and Fernanda Vallejos: ‘It hurts to feel that I’m going to crush you’

Crossfire between Javier Milei and Fernanda Vallejos: ‘It hurts to feel that I’m going to crush you’

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Crossfire between Javier Milei and Fernanda Vallejos: ‘It hurts to feel that I’m going to crush you’

The candidate for national deputy Javier Milei maintained this Wednesday a tense debate with the deputy of the Frente de Todos, Fernanda Vallejos, and the candidate of the New MAS, Manuela Castañeira, in the program Two Voices, which is broadcast by TN.

At the start, the Kirchnerist deputy pointed out that one of the main referents of the new rights is Friedrich Hayek, who “supported the Pinochet dictatorship”, for which he considered that “there is a clear contradiction”. “What are we talking about when we talk about freedom? What freedom did Chileans have under the oppression and terrorism of the Pinochet dictatorship. It talks about oppression, about tax pressure, where the State always appears as repressing individual freedoms. The truth is that the State is the instrument that societies have to organize community life, otherwise it would be the law of the jungle, “he added.

He also questioned libertarians for arguing that “the freedom he defends is the freedom not to pay taxes“It seems to me that you cannot mix everything in a salad because the freedom of not paying taxes is debauchery,” said the deputy, who warned that “when someone does not pay taxes, they are not exercising their freedom, they are stealing from the rest. of fellow citizens “.

But the candidate for national deputy for “Freedom advances” replied: “Liberalism comes from freedom. There is no new or old freedom, there is freedom or there is not, therefore the neoliberal concept makes no sense. It was invented by Alexander Rüstow who was a Marxist, that is, clearly it does not correspond to someone who, if he had understood economics, would not have said that “.

It was in this section that Milei remarked that “when the State tries to organize your life the only thing it will do is destroy it because nobody knows better from you what you want for your life than yourself “.

Tense debate between Javier Milei, Fernanda Vallejos and Manuela Castañeira.

And so, the candidate for deputy insisted with his criticism of the political leadership and pointed out that “the beneficiaries of the social plans are the victims of the political caste“.” The more a thief the politician, he takes refuge in the most vulnerable to continue maintaining his caste privileges and continue stealing. We must go against the thieving politicians, “he stressed.

While the economist remarked that the State “It is not the solution” and proclaimed the elimination of public works to “move to a private initiative system,” Congresswoman Vallejos described as “unworkable” Milei’s proposals.

The national deputy even indicated that “if no one pays taxes, it seems that the solution is for the poor to die, while that 1, 2 or 5% of the privileged make use of that supposed freedom in the absence of the State and take the wealth. that they were able to build it based on the efforts of the workers and those of us who pay taxes. “

Milei clarified that she “never” spoke of taking away social assistance from those people who are in a situation of vulnerability. “It’s a scarecrow fallacy to accuse us, “he said.

He also referred to the issue of capital flight and pointed out: “What I would recommend to Vallejos and to many Kirchner economists is that they separate the issue of flight well and that they study international monetary economics books because when I have a flexible exchange rate by definition there is no leak, because everything is cleaned in the exchange market. Now, if they don’t like economic theory and accounting definitions, that is another problem ”.

Faced with Milei’s statement, Vallejos replied that “Javier manifests a profound ignorance of the history of mankind and the profound meaning of the Constitution and the laws that govern us as a community. “

In another section, Milei addressed the issue of Argentina’s debt, which for the economist is “an immoral question”. “But the debt exists because there is someone who is spending more than what is coming in,” he warned.

It was in this context that Vallejos charged against the political system promoted by the candidate for deputy for “Freedom advances” by pointing out that “neoliberalism exists, it had a presence in Argentina, it governed for three periods and each time it governed led us to disaster. That disaster is the one defended by Javier Milei who criticizes Macri, but says that Menem was the best president in history because of what Cavallo did, which was the one that led us to 2001 ″.

In turn, Milei made reference to the possibility of buying dollars: “If I earn in pesos I can buy bananas, tomatoes, cars and if I want I can consume dollars.” But Vallejos interrupted him and pointed out that “the problem is that the economy Argentina does not generate the amount of dollars that a sector wants to buy. That is the issue, that for you to buy the dollars they put us all in debt. “

Before the intervention of the legislator, Milei told her: “Be less rude. You just said a theoretical aberration, I know that It hurts you to feel that I’m going to crush you, then clearly you start to muddy the field. “

Milei insisted on the issue of dollars and pointed out that these bills “are not generated by the State, but by whoever truly exports.” It was at that moment that Castañeira intervened, who told him that “that is a fallacy, here those who make the dollars in Argentina are the agricultural sectors that they stole all the land and they concentrate 85 million hectares in 6,000 economic groups. It is based on lies. “

“I’m talking miss. We already know that you don’t know economics. I understand, don’t worry about it, ”the economist replied. Faced with what Castañeira said: “Yes, I know of an economy that you have no idea about. Do you know who applied your economic plan in Argentina? Rafael Videla! That is your economic plan. They are fachos! It is pure fascism what you are saying ”.