CT: Vohralíková received information about CPR from Mynář, but the final protocol of the SAO did not

CT: Vohralíková received information about CPR from Mynář, but the final protocol of the SAO did not

ČT: Vohralkova received information about CPR from Myna, last year protocol NKÚ no

Illustrative photo – Head of the Senate office Jana Vohralíková (pictured on March 12, 2020).

Prague – Today, the future chancellor of President Petr Pavel Jana Vohralíková received from the acting head of the Office of the President of the Republic (KPR) Vratislav Mynář information about the organizational structure of the office, about table positions, protocols for barriers at Prague Castle and ongoing reports from the audit of the Supreme Audit Office (NAO). This was reported by Czech Television, according to which today's meeting lasted about an hour.

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The office still does not have the final report from the audit of the SAO regarding the management of the KPR and its subordinate organizations. Mynář asked the president of the SAO, Miloslav Kala, to document the final report. Acting President Miloš Zeman, according to Pavlov's statement on Monday, agreed to provide the protocol.

“I received all three protocols of the SAO, including the comments that the office of the president had about it and including the decision of the SAO, but there is no final protocol because, according to information, the office does not have it yet,” Vohralíková told the media.

President-elect Pavel he noted earlier that the inspections found a number of irregularities, but not something that should lead to criminal prosecution from the point of view of the president of the SAO Kala. According to Kal's earlier statement, the conclusion of the inspection, which has already been completed, could be published in a few weeks. Pavel initially talked about the fact that he would like to carry out another audit in the CPR, preferably before the inauguration on March 9. However, according to the head of the SAO, such a quick inspection is not realistic.

On Tuesday, Vohralíková and Mynář also met with the chancellor of the Chamber of Deputies, Martin Plíšek, to discuss the guest list for Pavlov's March inauguration of the new president and security measures. A joint meeting of both parliamentary chambers to swear in the new president will take place on March 9 from 2:00 p.m. Chancellors will meet again on Thursday, February 23 at Prague Castle to prepare the inauguration.