Cult horror “It”: the trailer for the second part of a horror movie

Культовый хоррор "Оно": появился трейлер второй части фильма ужасов

The long-awaited premiere of the tape horror Director Andres of Mosketti “It 2” will be released on the Ukrainian screens on 5 September 2019. On the official YouTube channel Warner Bros. Pictures Ukraine already has a trailer of the movie, filmed on the plot of the novel by Stephen king.

According to the Creator of the film Andres of Mosketti, pre-production began in March of this year, and filming started in the summer of 2018.

Earlier in the network has published the first shots from the set, which you can see the main characters in the film: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, James Ransone and others.

The plot of the movie “It 2”: after “losers ‘ Club” beat the clown Pennywise, the way children dispersed: they have grown up and left town. However, around again, something strange is going on, and again disappear children. It seems like every 27 years, evil has returned to terrorize the city of Derry. Mike, the only “club” who remained to live in his hometown, decides to convene a home and other friends. Still shocked by experiences in childhood, each of them must bring himself to defeat the greatest fears to destroy evil clown. But now he’s more dangerous and more lethal.

The horror movie “It 2”: watch the trailer

The movie “It” also took Andres Mosketti on the novel by Stephen king. The premiere took place in Ukraine on 7 September 2017. The film is about seven children terrorized by an unknown creature that draws power from fear, hatred and frustration.

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