Curiosity of the day: jumping on the trampoline cow won network

Курьез дня: прыгающая на батуте корова покорила сеть

Despite the coronavirus and mass panic in the world still have reasons that may cause a smile and cheer up a person even in the time of troubles.

So, recently in a network there was video on which the gracious cow, by some miracle, got on the trampoline.

Unusual video managed to shoot a resident of the town in America. Tippy cow climbed up on the trampoline of his mistress in the town of wills point. Despite the possibility that the cow may be injured, the owner decided to just catch it all on camera, because like curious incident it is possible to see rather rarely.

Курьез дня: прыгающая на батуте корова покорила сеть

The cow on the trampoline, a screenshot from the video

A video of a cow that decided to have some fun, appeared on YouTube.

It is unclear how the cow managed to get on the net, but when you try to get down with her, the animal made a failed somersault hind legs and fell into the hole. “My cow Tippy always wants to get into trouble and spoil everything,” commented the author of the video.

Users very amused by unusual cow that decided to have fun in such a strange way. People in the comments said they have no idea how, and most importantly why the cow climbed onto the trampoline, but it was quite funny to watch from the sidelines. Thus, users noted that instead of the expression “like a cow on ice”, we can say “like a cow on a trampoline.”

At the same time, this video is a manufacturer of trampolines may use in your portfolio, as the cow, which on average weighs about 400 kg, was able to climb up on it and she even almost managed to jump, which means that this product will easily withstand a person weighing 100-150 kg, even taking into account the load on the cloth during jumps.

Курьез дня: прыгающая на батуте корова покорила сеть

A cat could not, a screenshot from the video

It should be noted that jump love not only cow on the trampoline, but also some well-fed Pets. We are talking about the cat that tried to jump on the table, but something went wrong as a result of puglias jumped not even half. Despite the fact that the cat had failed to carry out his plan, he still fulfilled an important mission, amused users.

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