Currant jam: easy recipe

Смородиновое варенье: легкий рецепт приготовления

Currant – one of the most useful types of berries, which contain vitamins E and C. If properly prepared black currant jam, it will still have all the beneficial properties that exist in raw berry. A simple and tasty recipe – read on.

Black currant is very needed in the winter when it’s easy to get sick. Therefore, in order to cure the common cold, in addition to drugs also suggest to use jam, which contains a lot of vitamins. Black currant is able several times to increase the effectiveness of antiviral drugs and antibiotics.

Doctors recommend to eat the currants for seasonal deficiency diseases and General exhaustion, as a tonic and restorative remedy. Jam is not only useful, but also delicious, it is perfect for sweet tea or coffee.

The classic recipe of black currant jam

– 1 kg of black currants;
– 1 kg of sugar;
– 0, 2 l of water.

Recipe currant jam

Смородиновое варенье: легкий рецепт приготовления

Recipe currant jam

1. Loop currants, rinse and let them drain well. Pour water in a pot, add a Cup of sugar and bring to a boil (on low heat). After boiling, add a Cup of currants and cook 5 minutes, stirring constantly and removing the foam.

2. After boiling, add the Cup of sugar and berries. Continue to cook for another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally and removing the foam.

3. Repeat adding sugar and berries until they run out. During cooking add every 5 minutes on the Cup of sugar and currants.

4. After adding the last batch of berries and sugar, jam you can remove from heat and pour into sterilized jars. Banks will twist and turn, ubernote towel and wait full cooling.

Jam currant five minutes

– 1.5 kg of sugar;
– 1 kg of black currant;
– 1 Cup of water.

Recipe currant jam

Смородиновое варенье: легкий рецепт приготовления

Recipe currant jam

1. Sort berries, rinse and dry. In an enamel saucepan pour water, add sugar, stir and bring to a boil.

2. In the boiling syrup, stir in currants, again to bring everything to a boil and boil on low heat for 5 minutes, then pour the hot jam in sterilized jars and roll covers.

During cooking currants are not wrinkled, dip the berries before cooking for a few minutes in boiling water, then drain in a colander.

Bon appetit!

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