Czech female basketball players will play at the EC in a group in Tel Aviv with Israel

Czech female basketball players will play at the EC in a group in Tel Aviv with Israel


Czech Republic – Netherlands, final match of group I qualification for the European Championship 2023 women's basketball, February 12, 2023, Prague. Czech players celebrate their victory and promotion to the European Championship.

Munich – The Czech women's basketball players will play at the European Championship in June in one of the two basic groups in Tel Aviv against the home team Israel, which had already chosen them before Wednesday's draw in Ljubljana as a so-called partner team. During the draw, coach Romana Ptáčková's choice will be placed in the third basket and she will know two other opponents. The deployment was published today by the international federation FIBA.

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From the top four, Spain, France and Belgium are considered as possible opponents of the Czech team, while Turkey, Italy and Greece are offered from the second basket. It is certain that the Czechs cannot face the second host Slovenia from the second basket and Serbia from the first, which has become the Slovenian partner team, but in Ljubljana they will not be in the same basic group with the home team.

The championship will take place from 15 .until June 25. The draw in Ljubljana, where the championship will culminate, is scheduled for Wednesday from 17:00. Czech female basketball players will appear at the European Championships for the fifteenth time in a row.

“I had no idea if it was in the game that Israel would choose us. I don't know if they chose us as a playable opponent or for political or other reasons. We know that the situation in Israel is more demanding in terms of security, and when we talked about it , the states would probably be more demanding from this point of view. Or they chose us because of the good ties of both federations,” said Ptáčková in the press release of the Czech Basketball Federation. But he assumes that the selection was also guided by a sporting point of view. “They definitely did some scouting, they know that we have a changed and rejuvenated team, so this will also play a big role,” added Ptáčková.

The Czech Federation had to sanctify the Israeli choice. “When my colleagues and I were evaluating who could be in the fourth basket, we would not like to come across the Hungarian women, for example, and also the German women, who could be strengthened by the Sabally sisters (Satou and Nyaru), who did not play in the qualification,” stated Ptáčková .

The Israeli team played the qualification with certainty of progress, winning twice and losing twice in the group with Latvia and Sweden. “Their team did very well in the qualifiers. Coincidentally, the day before the Israelis offered us a partnership, I watched one of their matches against Latvia, where the team lost in the end. So it won't be a huge outsider, they play in a different style, for unusual and perhaps even unpleasant for us. We know that even the fourth basket will not be easy,” noted Ptáčková.

On Wednesday, she will know the complete draw and she does not want France and Spain in particular from the first basket. “So Belgium would be ideal, but that would be too much luck,” said Ptáčková. “And from the second one, I would not like the Turkish women, who have a naturalized American woman and will be very strong and unpleasant under the basket. And next to them Italy would not have to be there either,” the coach added. /h3>

Basket 1: Spain, France, Belgium, Serbia.

Basket 2: Turkey, Italy, Greece, Slovenia.< /p>

Bin 3: Great Britain, Montenegro, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Bin 4: Hungary, Latvia, Germany, Israel.