Czech football will have five clubs in European cups in the 2024/25 season

Czech football will have five clubs in European cups in the 2024/25 season

Czech football will have five European Cups in the 2024/25 season clubs

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Nyon (Switzerland) – Czech club football will have five representatives in the cups in the next season 2024/25. After today's victory of Lech Poznań 1:0 over Norway's Bodö/Glimt in the rematch of the opening round of the elimination phase of the European Conference League, domestic teams in the ranking of national coefficients narrowly maintained 15th place, which means the last five teams in UEFA competitions. The Czech Republic defended the elite fifteen by only 0.05 points.

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Domestic football will have five representatives in the cups after a two-year hiatus. For the first time since 2014, the Czech Republic entered the current season with only four teams, and it will have the same number of teams in the upcoming year as well. At the moment, there was talk of deployment until the next season 2024/25.

The domestic clubs were eliminated in this year's cups already in the autumn and had no choice but to wait for the hesitation of their competitors in the spring. The results of the Czech Republic's closest opponents have been recorded. Ukraine narrowly got ahead of the domestic teams, which before today held the 14th place in the ranking, but the next chaser from Norway did not succeed.

The team from the city of Bodö lost in the rematch of the Conference League in Poznań with a goal in the 63rd minute 0:1 and after a goalless draw at home, they were eliminated as the last Norwegian representative in the cups. The northerners thus remained close behind the Czech Republic, and a draw would be enough for them to move into the top 15.

Seventeenth-placed Denmark could threaten the domestic clubs, but its last representative Midtjylland was, after the home debacle 0:4 against Sporting Lisbon. eliminated in the Europa League. No other country in the ranking can realistically threaten the Czech Republic.

Five teams on the European stage means that three teams will go to two better cups. In addition to the champion, who will enter the game only in the final 4th preliminary round, the second team from the highest competition will also qualify for the Champions League. From the 2024/25 season, the cups will undergo a format change, instead of the traditional groups, there will be one table with all teams in the given competition.

Two points are awarded for a victory in the main phase of the cups, one for a draw. The profit is divided by the number of participants of the given country, in the Czech case this season by four. Prague's Slavia scored the most in the fall, with 10.5 points, Pilsen added nine and a half points.